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  1. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Wow that takes me back. I remember a very young Laurence Fishburne as a punk in the second film I think?
  2. Angury's Reading Diary 2017

    Acculturation. It's a fascinating subject. At one end of the continuum: total integration into the host culture. At the other extreme: alienation, detachment, mental illness. And myriad degrees and shades in between. You have a businesslike and focused TBR Angury! How did The Scarlet Letter read? I have that on my TBR too, I think that would be an excellent read after the Becker Outsiders book.
  3. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    Hi Angury, I didn't think anybody would be interested in this! Pass me your address I will send you my copy. I found it useful, and it was probably a landmark study at the time, but things that were then regarded as deviant are now considered part of the normal spectrum of human diversity. It is also American-centric. However, all that to the side, the central planks of his theory are pretty sound and it made perfect sense to me. It's another tool of looking at the world that I didn't consider before. It will be useful to me for my characters in my novel, who as time travellers have to disguise their differentness.
  4. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    Thank you! I will replace my kindle soon and Jasper will be right at the front of the queue.
  5. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    The Watcher 2/5 Jane Palmer While on holiday last year in Portsmouth I unearthed two books by an English writer called Jane Palmer. Her thing seems to be SF with a second-wave feminist twist. This one was the first I attempted. It started off really well and hooked me in. On an alien planet far away the intelligent bird-like life forms (which can change sex when needed, but seem to spend most of their time being female) have come under attack by a vampiric creature that moves through space and eats energy. With instruments they manage to track the creature back to its source, which turns out to be Earth. The bird creatures are not a space faring race, but they get in touch with another ancient race which is interested in Earth for its own reasons; they are amphibians who want to colonize the oceans of planet Earth once the humans have died out, which they figure won't be too long the way we are going. On behalf of the bird race they agree to send an agent to Earth to locate and destroy the creature. This is the Kybion, which is a unique thing of half machine and half genetic material, which has the ability to construct and disguise itself. I was fascinated by the concept of the Kybion, especially when it accidentally comes into contact with a group of shipwrecked Victorian humans when it is only half constructed, and cold-bloodedly decides to use them for it's own purposes. The action then moves on 100 years and centres on an orphaned Indian girl living in England. Unfortunately for me the plot then became very silly, and became more and more a lightweight romance where the author had fell in love with her characters and didn't want anything bad to happen to them. For that reason I could only give it 2/5. I still love the Kybion though.
  6. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    The Paris Enigma 5/5 Pablo de Santis It seems fitting to start off my 2017 reviews with (in my opinion) an absolute stonker of a book. This one surprised and delighted me so much. The main story is set in Paris of 1889, (which is why I originally picked up the book) but there is very little in the way of historical description or setting. However I didn't even miss it, and it was a revelation to me that a story can work so well without it. It is a very meta-physical book, you feel you are glimpsing the hidden nature of truths and realities. There seem to be no absolute truths, everything is in flux, and that sort of writing excites me no end. Twelve great Detectives from all over the world are to meet at the upcoming Paris World's Fair while the Eiffel Tower is being built, bringing their twelve acolytes, who in their different ways acts as foils and sidekicks to the great men. However, at the last minute the renowned Argentinian detective Renato Craig becomes melancholy and sends his newly appointed acolyte Sigmundo Salvatrio in his place. Salvatrio is only the son of a shoemaker , and feels he is there under false pretences, but since childhood he has always secretly dreamed of being a great detective himself. When one of the Detectives is mysteriously murdered he attempts to prove himself. This is not a book of action and fisticuffs or even much clever deduction. But if you love flowery dialogue and tongue-in-cheek metaphysical exposition (I do) in your stories then this is worth a look.
  7. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    Thanks Athena, Mr Cat, Pontalba and Poppyshake! Great to be back actually
  8. Your Top 10 Authors!

    Mine is not too hard, and my top two choices will probably surprise nobody! Jack Vance George Gissing Frank Herbert Jane Austen Bill Bryson Samuel R Delaney Richard Dawkins Marcus Chown Ali Smith Neil Gaiman
  9. Good Morning.

    Welcome Sargasso! If you are reading Nabokov I know one person for sure who will want to talk to you...
  10. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    Is it a bit intense then?
  11. Bullet Journal

    I never heard of a BuJo. These look great!
  12. Why I have joined this Forum.

    I currently don't have a working kindle, but I looked up your problem in a kindle guidebook I bought a while back. I couldn't find that quote search function mentioned, so you might have to read the book again. What you definitely CAN do is highlight anything you want when you find it, and then either store it in notes or find it again anytime. I agree with Muggle Not that a kindle is a great asset in any case. My daughter is on a literature course and she uses it for research a lot. Many hundreds of the classics and old books are free for kindle, so the device kind of pays for itself within the first few minutes of ownership.
  13. Little Pixie`s Bookshelf 2017

    Little Pixie, your TBR made my head spin. I feel sooo much better about mine now. Good luck
  14. Hi Brian, good luck with your 30 book goal, I am sure you will manage that. I haven't read The Ipcress File but i have quite recently watched the Michael Caine film and Funeral In Berlin and The Billion Dollar Brain all in order. I love Caine as Harry Palmer, he such a sullen but resigned insolence to his superiors about him.
  15. Why I have joined this Forum.

    I am 90% sure there is, but I am going to check my kindle handbook and get back to you.
  16. Hey Dan if you enjoyed the Bryson but wanted something scientific but a little more focused you could try the books by Marcus Chown. Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You is a particular personal favourite. Made me think for an hour I was a physicist
  17. Non Fiction

    One would hope that academics should be well read!
  18. I never knew there was such a lovely illustrated version. Mine was just a thick doorstop paperback.
  19. The Last Film You Saw - 2017

    I bought that a couple of weeks back for the kids to watch. I was underwhelmed by it. Helena Bonham Carter put in a lacklustre but very hammy appearance and the whole thing was pretty boring. Don't know why such a fuss was made of this film at the time.
  20. Why I have joined this Forum.

    Welcome. Firstly, congratulations on reaching eighty years of age. Only twenty more to go! You didn't say whether you ever read for pleasure. I have only tried a kindle, so I don't know about any other type of E-book readers. I do believe the kindle has the quote search facility you want, and I know you can take notes and stuff , although I never did. A kindle is an extremely worthwhile and good value device, I can vouch for that. You don't have to go for the fancy versions, the basic one has those features you mentioned. I was able to directly google Lord Melbourne's quote, (which was about his opposition to the abolition of slavery) and lots of articles came up.
  21. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    Thanks Brian you too!
  22. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    It never gets any smaller. But I am not afraid.
  23. Vodkafan's 2017 reading experience

    All on the kindle I'm afraid. I haven't read one yet, are they good?
  24. The Future Library Project

    If the writer is Ali Smith they might not understand her book right away, let alone in 100 years....
  25. Ingredients you can't live without

    Salmon or mackerel Red Peppers Orange baby snack peppers Tomatoes Carrots Eggs Bananas Apples Oranges Cheese Onions Milk Bio yoghurt These are the things I always have fresh in my house, so eat every day, but I get things like broccolli, kale and chicken or minced beef in for specific meals when the kids are with me.