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  1. Ever cheated?

    I do this!
  2. The X-Files (2016)

    I remembered watching this in my youth so I really wasn't sure but I'm really glad I bothered. Warelizard was definitely my favourite!
  3. I chose Horns and Mr B Gone so I will defo do the group read for the first one
  4. Hello from the West Country

    Hello and welcome!
  5. The last film you saw - 2014

    Watched one of the Transformer films (I want to say 3). The worst Irish accent I have ever heard!
  6. The last film you saw - 2014

    American Pie The Reunion - pretty good actually
  7. Hello from Singapore!

    Hello and welcome!
  8. Best Horror Authors?

    I've had Horns on my wish list for ages. Would this be the best one to start with?
  9. We've got a recliner sofa so I usually curl up on that. I find if I try and lean on my arms too long they go dead.
  10. Horror Reads for October

    I've had Mister B Gone on the shelf for a while and have been meaning to read that.
  11. Best Horror Authors?

    It's hard to decide. I do love Stephen King but James Herbert can be pretty scary too.
  12. Happy Happy Happy Birthday! Have a splendid day! X

    1. Cookie


      It was lovely thank you!

  13. World Cup 2014 Thread

    I know when they got the fourth I thought it was a replay of the third they got them in so fast!
  14. What's for Dinner?

    I had tuna pasta bake. It was yummy!
  15. What are you eating just now?

    Fresh sliced tomatoes on toast.