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  1. Hahaha well what can I say? I am not anal (can I post that word here, we'll see, if not, do remove), about keeping my books in perfect health, I try to buy hardbacks when I can just because they can be read over and over without looking it.. but my reading comfort is more important than keeping my books looking perfect. When you see my books, you'll know I love reading them.


    No food smudges or dog ears though, that's horrible. :irked:

  2. Univerze - I've already read and loved War of the Worlds and my fair share of Jules Verne, but you do make a useful observation about classics vs. contemporary novels so I'll see if my sprawling classics wishlist contains anything un-romantic looking. I do like King and have been meaning to try The Dark Tower for ages so that's definitely one to keep in mind, provided I can find the first volume in a decent edition which won't fall apart on me.


    Well, about the Gunslinger, I've recently bought this edition:


    at Waterstones, admittedly it was quite pricey for a thin paperback, 8 pounds, but it seems like a decent enough edition. I do crack the spine etc on my books (they can look like they've been read, gives them more charm) and I tried it out on this one and it seems to hold out pretty well. I haven't read it so far yet though, but it seems ok. ;)


    Good luck with the relationship thing, seems you've been troubled a long time now, and I know what you mean by not wanting to read about anything related to real life when real life's too painful. I've come to love romance novels again, but still can't read about cancer etc. But when my ex and me were in trouble, I couldn't read romance either. Good luck. ;)

    And cuddles.

  3. Well, as I've been to visit Southampton again about a week and a half ago (time sure does fly, wish I was there still), I went to Waterstones again, I sure do love that store, and there are two close to eachother too, so we (the friend that lives there and me) always go into both. He says it's like watching a kid in a candy store. Ehm. Well.


    BUT, anyone, I'd recommend Forbidden Planet. It's a comic/collectors items store, but they have great fantasy/sci fi and horror books. I got James Clemens' Shadowfall hardcover there on sale for three pounds, Robert Jordan's Crossroads of Twilight hardcover for 4 pounds and James A. Moore's Writ in Blood and The Pack (paperbacks) for 99p each! They have a great collection of sale books always, and very cheap too. Love it there.


    Plus, they had bottles of Tru Blood. Seriously, okay it wasn't the real thing, but I mean.. bottles of Tru Blood?

  4. Just started this book last night after picking it up about a week ago at clearance at waterstones. ;) Have read only about 50-ish pages, it's been easier than I thought! With some classics I have trouble getting into the characters because they are quite two dimensional and unemotional. However, even if this might be the case here a little, this book so far is well written and I am shooting through the pages faster than I thought. I loved the, what was it, 2006 version of the miniseries, and even before then always wanted to read the Bronte sisters books, but since I am not a big fan of books that have mostly female fans (romance novels, drama), I kind of put it off. I have read somewhere this is the easiest book by them to read, and I can believe it.


    Might have to grab a notepad to write down some words, I have no idea what they mean.. not plain english words, but words involving things customary to that period, like items of clothing and such. :giggle2:


    but yeah, loving this book so far.

  5. Pff let me think. Lots and lots of books have romance in them, so it's kind of hard. Looking at my bookcase from where I sit I see Stephen King's Talisman (with Peter Straub), it reads quite a bit like fantasy with some horror elements, no love story there, just a young boy going on a quest to save his mom. Love for friends and mom, but no love interest. One of my favourite books.

    And what about Stephen King's Dark Tower series? Have only read the first two or three but can't really remember much of a love story. Has been years since I've read them, so I could easily be wrong.


    War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells, there's no romance in that one, also a great read, though short. His Time Machine has a bit of affection for Weena, but there's no real romance.


    I've also got some Jules Verne books in my bookcase but haven't read them yet, but from what I can remember from reading abotu them, they don't have much romance in them either. I know Journey to the center of the earth doesn't have that.


    I see a pattern too, if you stick to the classics that aren't romance novels (classic horror and sci-fi) there's rarely a romance story present. Seems like these days every book HAS to have some romance in it, but in the classics, much less.


    Alice in Wonderland, H.P. Lovecraft.


    Stephen King's It has got some, but little romance in it. Same with the Harry Potter books.


    Hope I've helped a bit. ;)


    P.S. Just read who it was that actually posted this, seeing it was you Bookjumper, don't think you'll have trouble with the classics there. ;)

  6. I picked up this book when I was in Southampton last week, our local bookstore didn't have it (their english section is very small) and couldn't resist buying this one. I haven't quite finished it, but I love it! I'm about 2/3 in, and it's very diffrerent from everything I have read so far, I love that it's got philosophical (usually not a big fan of that) and science issues in it. Ariel took some getting used to, but now that the perspective is being switched around she doesn't annoy me anymore. I don't quite know what to make of this book, but that's why I love it. I can barely put it down everytime I start reading, and have to say it's both an easy and a complicated read. Easy is just the story, and complicated are some of the philosophy things. Or the science, if you have trouble with that, but am a science girl, so quite a bit of that I can understand at least partly. ;) Not everything, am no quantumphysicist. :blush:


    Anyway, before I start rambling more, and the book hasn't sunk in yet since I haven't finished it, but just wanted to say I LOVE it! First recommendation I got from this forum that I bought and loved, and was something I'd never read otherwise. So thanks guys. ;)

  7. Eh sort of like a curry? Chicken with noodles, some curry paste, onion, tomato, leek (had to look up what that was in english), ginger, garlic and coconut milk. Noodles will be boiled in water with some chicken broth tablet added. Variation of a recipe a friend made for me when I went to visit him in Southampton. He asked me if I needed the recipe, hell no, this easy, I'll make it myself from memory, and add some twist whatever I like.

  8. Ugh, my reading mojo's has disappeared lately, just deciding which to read of the lovely books I bought when visiting Southampton a couple days ago (back home now) is hard enough. (My english is great today, I know)

    Have t show em off though. ;)




    Oh, the Avatar one was a gift from a friend who accidentally had two (came with the blu-ray for him when he'd already bought it) so he gave me the other copy, since I too loved Avatar.



  9. Am making Daging Semoor right now, this Indonesian beef stew, with other than usual veggies, now with peppers and snow peas. Never eaten or made this before, it's with pre-made herb/spice-mix to be honest, this sachet of wet herbal mix. Might go for the real thing when I know I like it but not planning to spend that long in the kitchen for something I don't know I like. It smells okay, and tastes that too, but there's some spice I can't identify yet, let alone know the english name, that I don't know.

    I had to wiki to know what snow peas where called in english. We just call them "peultjes". ;)


    Back to making food now.

  10. Its just one I randomly found last night while searching for a new avatar. Hanna is just like a temporary ink that lasts for a few weeks, right? I don't think we have many places around here that will do that, but I'll check it out!


    Have you been in any tattoo shops yet to flip through their past customers who have gotten keys done?

    Well the Henna thing last for a while yeah, few weeks at most, feet maybe less. Watch out, don't get black henna tattoos though, those CAN contain chemicals or whatever that are carcinogenic or cause severe allergic reactions and burns on your skin. Just get the reddish henna, it looks a little different though. Try Indian and Moroccan beauty shops or something, if they have them there. Like I said, I always did it myself, you can buy henna powder and google for recipes, but you have to have a steady hand.


    And nope, honestly, I won't look at that either at shops. I'll google a bit, to see what it really looks like, and ask the tattoo artist what's possible when getting such a tattoo (size, detail etc) but that's about it. Plus, not like I'll have the money for it anytime soon. ;)

  11. ^Oh that's pretty.. I don't like feet tattoos really, but this looks pretty, is that just a pic you found or your own foot? Because if it's just a pic you found, you should try getting in in henna like that first and see how it is. I used to do henna tattoos like this all the time. Love it. :)

  12. So, my tattoo has to be, how you say, touched up? Friday the 13th hee hee. First touch up is free, and since always in the healing process some color disappears, I'll gladly go, even if it's not too bad for me. My mum's was worse. Am looking forward to it already, loved getting inked and even if it's just the touch up, I kinda like the feeling.. so yeah. Friday the 13th cometh. ;)


    Also, have been hooked, thinking about next tattoo idea already. See, am fond of ancient keys. Like this:



    Of course I don't have those old keys really, but I have lots and lots of jewellery with keys like this, always loved em, always loved keys. You know, doorway to anything, it matches a perfect lock somewhere. There's more, but too hard to explain. So am thinking about a tattoo like this, somewhere on my left wrist/forearm.. not a big one, just little. However, creativity and money is what I need. ;)


    Hornblower - C S Forrester 13 books


    See, I'd go for these, this would have been my recommendation. My dad loved the series of films they made of these books, and I sort of got him the Sharpe series, unfortunately he didn't have much time to enjoy those, but anyway, they seemed to me a lot alike. I loved both films too. ;) Don't know the books, didn't even know they were books, but well.. ;)

  14. Hand tattoos are becoming much more common these days, but you could always cover it with a bit of concealer if you're not allowed it for your job :D


    A bit of concealer? You mean like, a huuuuge amount of concealer? Which would rub off on anything? :D

    But I'd never get a hand tattoo, to think of it, my tattooist doesn't even do hand (or face) tattoos, simply because many many people regret getting those. I want a wrist tattoo too, but I'd never get my hand tattooed.

  15. Also, they warn you not to drink or take painkillers before getting a tattoo as it thins the blood and you bleed a lot more during the process.

    Plus, my tattoo shop doesn't tattoo when you've drunk any alcohol, if they smell it they won't do it, guess both because of the bleeding reason and to cover themselves for someone coming back sober later and saying "how could you let me get this??". :D


    But am curious as to how you'll find the tattooing process Janet, for me I liked it, but I was at a barbeque yesterday and this girl there said she'd passed out from pain three times while getting her lower back tattooed. Can't imagine that honestly. The stars might have been my tattoo then.. :lol: Still love it.

  16. Oh I loved this series back when I read it, that's years and years ago, might have been like 14 or something at the time, or a little older.. it's been on my to re-read list for ages, since then I know I definitely not understood everything, plus now I am able to read it in original english, so much better.


    But you know how it is, so much to read, so little time. :D

  17. I rarely buy secondhand books, in fact I have so far just bought a handful that I can remember. But not because I don't like it, but because I don't really have a source to buy secondhand books that is cheap. If I can pay double the amount the secondhand book costs and buy me a new one, then I'll do just that. The used book stores here sell books at pretty steep prices, buying a book that looks old, used for 3.50, where a new one costs 7 euros, is nto very attractive. The ones I have bought so far were all hardbacks, in pristine condition and costed me less than half the original costed. Two were of the Wheel of Time series, bought two lovely hardbacks for the price a new paperback would cost me.. and one was Harry Potter, think it was the Halfblood Prince. Adult version hardback, pristine, for 6.50. Brilliant. :roll:

  18. I so glad they managed. I didn't want Hollard to win they didn't play fair.

    Didn't they? I have no clue cause I didn't watch, but strangely enough I am kinda disappointed they lost. I mean.. they never get to the finals, and when they do, they lose?? In the last few minutes? Blah.:roll: