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  1. I absolutely hated American Psycho; just too much pointless violence much too in your face. Whatever point was being made was lost; just too nihilistic for me.


    I don't mind the nihilism. What I hated about this book was the absolutely horrible violence. Don't get me wrong, I like violence in books and films, but Bateman was just.. thw way he treated the first guy he killed, the homeless man, he abused him mentally too. Disgusting. Oh and the thign I hated most about this book, the violence against animals. The things he did to that homeless mans dog.. had me feeling icky for days. Though the book isn't really overrated in my eyes, it's good but not my cup of tea.


    I agree on, what was it? Eragon. Boooooooooooring.


    Am actually about 150-200 pages into Fellowship of the Ring now and I love it.


    Think it's funny to see how people's opinions are different, some books I love you guys hate, and the other way around. :)

  2. I started watching this recently. Just to fill my time till the new season of True Blood happens, which is a while. ;) It's vampires-light again, I mean, Damon's at least a real vamp hee hee, Stefan's such a goody goody. Elena is seriously hot stuff, but such a good girl she bores me. Caroline's better, pretty too, and what do I read, she'll become a vamp? Yum. ;)


    I hate they killed off Lexi, she kicked butt. Yes, am still on the first two dvds. ;) First ten episodes.

  3. Dan Brown too, I read 100 pages of the DaVinci code and it bored me enough to put it down and never to pick up one of his books.


    And I didn't think Cormack McCarthy's book The Road was all that. It was ok, but some people think it's one of the best books written, I do not. It's average, bleak (I know it's supposed to be, but just thought it was more boring than just bleak).. not as fantastic as everyone seems to think.

  4. Now over 200 pages into Vanity Fair, went much faster than the first 100 but still has taken me over 2 weeks, I usually would be on my third book by now.


    See, I couldn't really get into it when I started it a while back. It wasn't a bad book, just a little less captivating at that time then I'd thought. usually that means it's best to try later (and when I have more "quiet time" to read, which I don't have atm).. so I put it down for then.

  5. I started The Fellowship of the Ring today, finally, have read it years ago in Dutch and got bored, but english is already much better. Translations suck. This is proven by the other book I'm reading at the moment, Stephen King's Drawing of the Three. I have read the first two books in the Dark Tower series in dutch two times, took ages, and couldn't get myself to start the third one. Now, I'm racing through this one because it's in english.. read half the book in a few hours yesterday.

  6. Oh, now this is SO going on my wishlist. In fact, after this I might see if my online bookshop has it (and put it on my wishlist there, just ordered three books a few days ago, will have to wait till next time). I generally don't care too much about zombies, but post-apocalyptic is SO my thing. And good you don't say it's like "The Road" cause that one bored me, just showed how bleak everything can get.


    But I can always use a good post-apocalyptic book. Thank you! :D


    Edit: my online bookshop has it. Different versions. Only the cheapest is 15 euros for a 225 page paperback. Importing books sucks.

  7. Well, I think this too is a thread just made to stir things up a little. Not that we need it. ;) But is sounds patronizing and insulting, the way the question was put then. It's okay to ask why people don't write if they love to read.. just mind the way in which you ask it. English not being your first language is not an excuse for me, it's not my first language either and I think that if you don't quite know HOW to put it, you should either ask a mod/admin here how you can put it best so people don't get offended (or don't know what you mean) or not make a topic at all. If you meant something else than how it came across to most of us, that would have been easily fixed by just asking someone for help with the english first. There's many nationalities on this forum so there's bound to be someone speaking the same language.


    On the topic: I don't write and never will. Why? Because I suck at it. I've tried, admittedly it's been years and it was for school, never the most inspiring way to write. But I just thought my stories couldn't live up to the stuff I read, and being a perfectionist in some ways, that's a reason for me not to bother with writing. In no way that means I am just borrowing someone elses thoughts, have none of my own, or don't have a vivid imagination. I think a lot, some would say too much ;) and have a very very vivid imagination, again, some would say too much. I just don't feel obligated or drawn to put those thoughts down to paper. Or computer, whatever. ;) They're fine where they are, in my head. :giggle2:

  8. Well since I'm reading Jane Eyre atm is supplies me with new words every few pages. ;) However, one I really had to look up was, pinafore. It's not just a word but an item of clothing that I had no idea what it was.



    A pinafore (colloquially pinny in British English) is a sleeveless garment worn as an apron.


    Aha. ;)


    Has anyone read Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman? I've heard its fabulous but am yet to buy it.

    yeah see, I got this as a gift, loved the series, but just only got about halfway and never finished the book. Everyone says they love it, but for me, it's not that amazing. I will finish it one day or another, but as of yet, I can't be bothered.

  10. I hate grapes. I sometimes like the way they taste, but the skin and seeds make me want to gag, so no grapes for me


    I do however love wine, made form grapes, so yum.


    I'd love to get married. And have kids.


    I recently said goodbye to the second guy ever who wanted to marry me and have kids. Ouch. He lives in the UK, and I, well don't.


    I never thought it possible to to break up and still be friends, but for above reason, I now do. Thank him. :)