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  1. Have quite a few things to do today but don't seem to get myself to DO anything.. pfff.

  2. Yes yes yes. Tomorrow, 11.30 am, I'll finally be getting the wrist tattoo I've been wanting for ages. :D

    1. Raven


      Good luck! (hope it's not too ouchie!).

  3. Sleeeepy now. But had a great time at the cat show today, saw some pretty kitties, loved the Maine Coons &Bengals.. :D

    1. Weave


      Sounds brilliant Univerze, I do love maine coons and bengals, my maine coon lives with my brother :) x

  4. Down, downer, downst. Whatever. To the zoo tomorrow though, fun. :)

    1. Mac


      What's up, matey? How's the zoo gone?

  5. Wish I didn't have to work later, could spend the whole day immersed in the fictional world of my books. It's too cold here too. :(

    1. Raven


      Cold is good! You can shut the door, turn up the heat and settle down with a good book!

  6. Still not taken the time to get properly into the new forum.. pff lazy me.

    1. catwoman


      You should mate, once you do it is so rewarding :)

  7. aww well thankies, he always does seem to be ready to have his pic taken, though when he's playing I'm lucky to get more than his backside on a pic.. ;) but he's still a youngster, a little over 3 months so he's still all cute looking. :)

  8. Hee hee then you're smarter than me, I had to wait ages for the Shadow Rising, thought I'd buy it at our local bookstore, but it kept not having it in stock, the problem with english books there is they only order new ones when they've sold the last copy.. so ended up having to order online, which takes about a week to deliver. It's a pain in the *ss getting books that are not Dutch here.

    But I managed to get my hands on two lovely hardback editions of the 8th and 9th book in the series at some secondhands store, now I just need the three books in between. This large a series isn' t good for when you don't have much money, but it's worth it. ;)

  9. Hey you, just saw your post in the welcome thread for my fellow Dutchie, and have to say, love your avatar and what you're reading now, am reading "The Shadow Rising" in the Wheel of Time series, and I adore those books. :D So good reading. ;)

  10. Hoi hoi, wou even hallo zeggen omdat ik dus net pas gezien heb dat er nog iemand uit NL hier op dit forum is. Kun je zien dat ik niet heel erg heb opgelet eerder? ;) Maar ja, in ieder geval, hello. Leuk forumpje dit he? Bevalt me goed hier hoor. :D

  11. Hey you! Yay, thought you might not do so after all hee hee, Birthdaycake asked me for the link too and she decided not to join, but welcome here, I still love it. :)

  12. Am doing alright here, not so happy it's february, always suffer from a bit of a winter depression, february being my least favourite month of the year. :( But it's over soon. ;)

    But me, write? Oh no.. in the past there have been attempts, mostly for school to be honest, but I found out writing is not for me, I never get it onto paper the way I want to. Besides, I am notorious pretty much for not finishing things after starting them. Unfortunately. ;) But I rather stick to reading anyway, more fun for me.

    You're doing good too I hope? You're as happy as I am that spring's almost here? ;)

  13. Hey there, and thanks! Always nice to recieve such a comment, must say now I am curious as to what post of mine you liked enough to say something about it. ;) But yeah, I try to be as honest as possible. And I definitely will be posting more, I really like this forum. :)



  14. Hi there, seems you're getting the hang of it indeed.. ;) Glad to have helped.. :D

  15. Hey, ofcourse that's okay.. and honestly, is not like you could know I just lost someone, like I said I could have said something more. Just got the feeling I had sounded a bit rude, and if there's anything I hate.. ;) Plus, I am new on this forum and just don't want to get off on the wrong foot with anyone. :D

  16. Hi! Hey I just wanted to apologize if my reply to your birthday wishes came across wrong, I think it did looking at the reason you gave for removing your message.. I appreciated the birthday wishes and should have said more as to that, what I meant was that my birthday this year sort of gave me a bad feeling since my dad died recently.. so guess I should have said a bit more than just the reply I gave you. Sorry about that, and thanks for the birthday wishes.. ;)

  17. Thanks, won't be a great day today, actually by now it's past 5.30 pm already, but thanks anyway. ;)