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    Books, films, tattoos, piercings, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, post-apocalypse, etc..
  1. Hello! I read some of your posts and noticed we have a similar interest in books, I am such an avid reader of mainly fantasy books and was wondering what the best set of series you have read were? If your also looking for something (half way through the passage I was looking for anything!) then try anything by trudi canavan or more weird / wonderful is the necroscope sets.

  2. Have quite a few things to do today but don't seem to get myself to DO anything.. pfff.

  3. Yes yes yes. Tomorrow, 11.30 am, I'll finally be getting the wrist tattoo I've been wanting for ages. :D

    1. Raven


      Good luck! (hope it's not too ouchie!).

  4. Hi, how are you? I love your new tattoo idea :)

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day! =)

  6. Happy birthday Univerze hope it's a good one x

  7. Happy Birthday Univerze hope you have a lovely day

  8. Happy birthday, Univerze,have a lovely day! :)

  9. Happy birthday, univerze - hope you have a great day. :)

  10. Hello there, lady. How're things with you?

  11. Sleeeepy now. But had a great time at the cat show today, saw some pretty kitties, loved the Maine Coons &Bengals.. :D

    1. Weave


      Sounds brilliant Univerze, I do love maine coons and bengals, my maine coon lives with my brother :) x

  12. Down, downer, downst. Whatever. To the zoo tomorrow though, fun. :)

    1. Mac


      What's up, matey? How's the zoo gone?

  13. Wish I didn't have to work later, could spend the whole day immersed in the fictional world of my books. It's too cold here too. :(

    1. Raven


      Cold is good! You can shut the door, turn up the heat and settle down with a good book!

  14. Still not taken the time to get properly into the new forum.. pff lazy me.

    1. catwoman


      You should mate, once you do it is so rewarding :)

  15. Hoi Univerze, soms merk ik het ook niet hoor. :) Leuk je te ontmoeten! Deze forum is inderdaad erg leuk en gezellig. Groetjes uit Schiedam, Sahdia Khalid