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  1. Happy birthday, Julia. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Nerve-racking? You're right. I'm really nervous, I don't really now what will come in my future (I will start furhter education) and there is such a lot to organize. But you are right, it's also a great chance, an exciting time where so many new and nice thinks can happen, there is such a lot to discover...

  3. A new town! That's quite a big step, isn't it. I moved about 140miles from my home town when I was 21 and didn't know anyone where I was going. Nerve-racking at the time, but the brave move gave me confidence, once I'd settled in. I kind of want to do it again. You know, a clean slate and all that? Good luck, Julia. xx

  4. Hi Mac, thx for asking. Yes, indeed, I'm very well. Just a lot to organize because I'm moving to a new town in a few weeks.

    Hope you are fine as well!

  5. Hello, Julia. Hope you're very well. xx

  6. Thx for the birthday wishes!

  7. Happy Birthday, Julia! Hope you enjoy your day! =)

  8. Happy Birthday Julia! Hope you have a lovely day :D

  9. You're very welcome. I hope you're having a terrific weekend so far. :)

  10. Yes, I am fine, thank you. And thanks for the friends-request :)

  11. Whoa. No friends yet?!? We are a terrible bunch, aren't we? Hoping all is well with you.

  12. Was nice to chat with you :)

    Have to do it again!

    C U