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  1. Elizabeth George

    Is anyone currently reading her latest book in the Inspector Lynley series Just One Act of Evil? It is a lovely hefty book and I am halfway through it. It is easily (if not better) than some of the earlier books in the series as the characters are now well developed and this one centres around Azhar and Hadiyyah. Perfect Bank Holiday reading
  2. Heffalumpi's 2014 Reading List

    Hi Janet! I've been a bit of a lurker on here for a bit in order to get some great recommendations for books to read although it has all got a bit out of hand now with a whole bookcase of books 'to be read' and an ever increasing wishlist on Amazon I did enjoy the Pauline Quirk book but in places it did feel a bit like an advert for Lighter Life. It focused mainly on her time with Emmerdale and had very little about the rest of her life which I was a bit disappointed about as I wanted to know more about her time on Birds of a Feather. It was worth a read but maybe get it from the library as I don't think that it is the sort of book that you would re-read. I think Frankie makes a very good point about how you feel about a sequel to a book the you previously loved and I am sure that some people will love both Longbourn and Death Comes to Pemberly. I picked up Longbourn not overly aware that it was connected with the Bennetts from Pride and Prejudice, if I had been more aware of this I might have given it a wider berth as Pride and Prejudice is one of my favourite books. Your right Frankie, sometimes you just have to let a book go even if you really wanted to like it, after all there are too many books and too little time
  3. Heffalumpi's 2014 Reading List

    Longbourn by Jo Baker I really wanted to love this book however parts of it made me quite cross. The book is based around the lives of the servants to the Bennett family from Pride and Prejudice and I don't think that this link is a particularly good one, or indeed necessary. It would have been far better as a stand alone book about the lives of servants below stairs in a country house, any country house. The way in which the Bennett family were portrayed made me dislike them greatly in places and their actions didn't fit all that well with the story being told, although I did guess the twist between upper and lower stairs. The characters of the servants were good but lacked a roundness and depth in places. I liked Ptolemy but thought his character could have been developed and expanded upon, he was also too conveniently placed at times. The character of Sarah was well written but some of her actions just did not ring true. These are just my opinions of the book and I am sure others will love it. I'm afraid for me the book is not a keeper, it passed the time and was OK, it was the Pride and Prejudice link that ruined it entirely for me as that is one of my all time favourite books. The being said I didn't think much at all about Death Comes to Pemberley either - think I'll stick to the originals
  4. Heffalumpi's 2014 Reading List

    Hi Frankie! The Library of Unrequited Love is definitely worth a read and a book that I would re-read too. Bonkers was really good and one of my favourite books read so far this year, however I may be slightly biased as I love all things with Jennifer Saunders in It was funny in places and also quite touching when she talked about her battle with cancer. It is quite a quick read but if you like her I think you'd enjoy the book. There are some great sections about her time with Joanna Lumley when they were filming Ab Fab.
  5. I've not come across Alex Gray Bookmonkey, thanks for the recommendation. I too love a series set in Scotland.
  6. Thank you Chrissy :-)