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  1. Thanks for the hugs hun :friends0: it still affects me as I have no doubt it does everyone who's had it happen to them - pretty much every issue I have today stems from those 16 years of cruelty (from day 1 of kindergarten right up to the last day of high school).


    Still, I do know that what you say is true; the people who tormented me didn't come from happy balanced homes like mine was, I know that. It just seems like a bit of an expensive price to pay for a caring family, is all.


    As you may have noticed however, I have not lost the tender heart :) that's one of the few things they couldn't strip from me. I don't just smile at people I think I need it, I run at them and hug them (starting from the famed Liverpool goths). It's good for the huggee, but it's also good for the hugger :friends0: you take care.