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  1. If they don't then as soon as the final whistle blows i'm going to be right on here to leave you a message, then on to FB and then Twitter :P

  2. Anybody But England. I don't want to be hearing about it for the next 40 years

  3. I'm a Northern Ireland supporter so.....well they aren't there either.....but.....A.B.E :D

  4. Yep, and England are going to win the World Cup :roll:

  5. Well at least you get it out of the way early so you can concentrate on being beaten by the other teams and then spend the second half of the season planning your tactics for going back into the Championship :tong:

  6. You got a nice easy game to start the new Premiership season :lol:

  7. :lol: nice way to put it :lol:
  8. Hey, i've had a little bit of work on so i've been trying to cut down on my internet time to get it done faster. Should be around a bit more now, nice to know i'm missed :lol:

  9. :lol: we soon found out. Roman Abramovich must be kicking himself for letting him get away. Chelsea would be champions of Europe by now.
  10. Oh he is the best out there right now (sorry Fergie) and i wouldn't mind seeing him in the United dug out when Sir Alex decides to retire

  11. It was on ITV as well. It was a basic Jose teams game. controlling the game, scoring their 2 goals and then parking the bus. They focused on him a little too much after the game though, i kind of felt bad for the players, they got maybe 2 or 3 minutes of camera time, they did the hard work after all.

  12. What did you think of the final?

  13. Suppose it must be hard to motivate yourself when you are only getting

  14. It amazes me that players can be at that level of fitness and smoke. It makes me feel quite unhealthy lol

  15. Well there is the mystery of why he is a lazy sod explained, he's scared in case he coughs up a lung on the pitch. I am surprised he hasn't been MADE to stop before now. It was my brother who told me, he just read that he has a 40 a day habit. Really surprised Fergie lets him off with that

  16. Did you know Berbatov was a smoker?!!

  17. Well then, yes i respect wood, all kinds of wood, even the cheap stuff

  18. How weird is that going to look to anyone looking at my profile who doesn't watch Curb :lol:


    Yep, i have the power to kill a Yak, from 200 yards away :D

  19. meh! I can live with that, now if you had been accusing me of leaving a stain on your coffee table.....

  20. :lol: i do that all the time, same with Facebook, i put comments for other people on my own wall :blush: Good thing there is a delete button :D If you are quick enough nobody will ever know, well unless they tell people like you did :lol:
  21. KYLE: No, look dude, you gotta record other peoples songs.


    JACK: Well thats where a little studio engineering comes in handy

    my hard-rocking amigo!!


    Oh God!! I am sad haha

  22. Could be worse, we could be addicted to Westlife :giggle:

  23. All the songs he recorded and it was that Tenacious D one i thought on when i heard :lol:

  24. Well i could probably guess how the kid was concieved :lol:

  25. I got plenty of them too, i don't want to hear anyones problems, i got enough of my own :lol:


    The world is supposed to end in 2012 :roll: If it does at least we won't have to wait until 2015 to get rid of Cameron :D