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  1. Hope you have been enjoying a great birthday Ned. :)

  2. Sorry it's late but ... Happy Birthday! ..for yesterday ;) Hope you had a good one :)

  3. Happy birthday, Ned. Hope it's a blast!

  4. Happy birthday!!

  5. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great one :) xx

  6. Boo-Yaka-Sha!

    Yo! How ae you doin'?

    Just thought I would say hi. Not really spoke to you in aaaaaaages! Anyway I hope you are well and we can talk TNA soon.


  7. Well I'm not worried because they are going to win. It's all about faith! England! England! England! You're only jealous :tong:


    Now I'm worried that they're not going to win and I'll have to delete accounts to stop the messages :lol:

  8. If they don't then as soon as the final whistle blows i'm going to be right on here to leave you a message, then on to FB and then Twitter :P

  9. That's just mean! You wait, England's gonna win tomorrow and be back on track!

  10. Anybody But England. I don't want to be hearing about it for the next 40 years

  11. oops sorry...what does A.B.E. mean? :hide:

  12. I'm a Northern Ireland supporter so.....well they aren't there either.....but.....A.B.E :D

  13. Well they're already further than Ireland so don't you start!

  14. Yep, and England are going to win the World Cup :roll:

  15. Well, the last few matches for us are Man U, Chelsea, Villa and Liverpool, with the very last being West Brom. Even I must admit, it doesn't look good! I have faith. Go in all guns blazing and beat you in the first match :tong: