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  1. Hubby's cousin Smokin' Joe Fraizer, champion boxer who knocked Ali out in 1971, is in hospice care. He has lung cancer.

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    2. Ooshie


      That's really sad, Katrina, I remember his boxing career well although I was young then. My prayers are with him and the family.

    3. Katrina1968


      Thanks all, he really is a decent dude! His family have been members of our church for longer than I can remember. His sister recently died from cancer and his brother died in a car crash about 4 years ago. He's the last sibling. We have a street named after him and we live one mile off of it.

    4. julie


      So sorry for your family's loss,Katrina . I heard on the news he has passed away . My husband enjoyed watching boxing,so I'm sure I saw the famous Frazier/Ali boxing,since my husband watched it . It's very sad when you see a whole generation of your family pass on .