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  1. Has developed a major crush on Rob Morrow. The 5th season of Northern Exposure and he begins to look delectable...Dwayne Johnson (the Rock) you have competition.

    1. pickle


      My friend had a massive crush on him too so you are not alone, you know he called his daughter 'Too'!!! so hollywood :-)

    2. poppy


      I always thought Chris Stevens the local DJ was pretty cute. Loved that series.

    3. Katrina1968


      I like Chris but he talks WAY too much and could never be decisive. Drove me crazy. Then the weirdness with Maggie was mind boggling! Naw, I still droll for Joel! LOL!!

  2. in class, bored WITLESS!

    1. Chrissy


      Now young lady, that's not the attitude to have! Learning is always fun! (NOT) : P

  3. One of my favorite female artists died. Good bye Whitney Huston.

  4. Surgery went well but OMG the pain!

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    2. Ooshie


      Hope you start feeling better soon, Katrina x

    3. pickle


      I hope your recovery is speedy

    4. Katrina1968


      Thanks all, last night was really bad but it can only get better. I never really thought about the extent of pain that foot surgery could be. Nothing is simple. I actually fell down this morning.

  5. Go Pack Go :D

    Nice to find another GB fan amongst the masses of BCF.

  6. can't believe I'm watchin new moon, the bella character makes me want to just slap her!

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    2. pickle


      Terrible isn't she like a wet blanket


    3. Katrina1968


      I can't decide if its the acting or the script. Whatever it is, she's a mess.


    4. pickle


      Both IMO she is a little like that in real life....oh don't interview me I want to be left alone, when your Greta Garbo maybe but you are a teenage drama queen get over it...Harsh I know :-)


  7. Hubby's cousin Smokin' Joe Fraizer, champion boxer who knocked Ali out in 1971, is in hospice care. He has lung cancer.

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    2. Ooshie


      That's really sad, Katrina, I remember his boxing career well although I was young then. My prayers are with him and the family.

    3. Katrina1968


      Thanks all, he really is a decent dude! His family have been members of our church for longer than I can remember. His sister recently died from cancer and his brother died in a car crash about 4 years ago. He's the last sibling. We have a street named after him and we live one mile off of it.

    4. julie


      So sorry for your family's loss,Katrina . I heard on the news he has passed away . My husband enjoyed watching boxing,so I'm sure I saw the famous Frazier/Ali boxing,since my husband watched it . It's very sad when you see a whole generation of your family pass on .


  8. Hi Chrissy. Yep, it has been a while. I've been reading the posts here and there but haven't been up to posting much. I guess I just go through spells! I did read that you were uber busy. I'm just really concentrating on school this semester.

  9. taking my mother in law and the grands to Virginia to visit my mom and brother. we'll be getting really wet.

  10. Is afraid to go into the kitchen and den. The lttles, Mayhem and Chaos are quiet. I don't want to know...

    1. vodkafan


      Maybe they are just asleep ? Or reading....if it was my 2 little ones they would be drawing and cutting up shapes

    2. Katrina1968


      vodkafan, perchance you did not catch the names of the little preciousess. They are called MAYHEM and CHAOS. Not because its cute but because it is earned... never let them see you sweat.

  11. woke up to my 18 month old grandson trying to sing "intel intel 'ittle tar"

    1. Ooshie


      That's sweet! What a lovely way to wake up :)

    2. Chrissy


      Awwwwwwwwwwwww!How wonderful.

    3. Vanwa


      That's so cute Katrina xxx

  12. Thank you all so very much for my Birthday wishes!! I would have replied earlier but my internet was down and I hadnt figured out how to pull up the messages on my smart phone.

  13. Happy Birthday to you x

  14. Happy Birthday, Katrina, hope you are having a great day! :)

  15. got herself a wireless printer!