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  1. Happy Birthday! :)

  2. Happy birthday. :)

  3. Happy Birthday Naphilia xx

  4. Happy birthday....have a lovely day.

  5. Happy Birthday Naphilia! :D

  6. Happy Birthday Naphilia :) Enjoy your day!

  7. I know. That's cool, you know. Some people will always hate school. *sigh*.

    Thanks. It'll sink in one day!


  8. I meant it not in the patronising way most adults do, but as someone that truly feels that way, and offer it as a piece of advice. Everything you do, even if you dislike it, try to find the fun and enjoyment in it. Optimism is a valuable tool. x

  9. Yeah, sorry about that!


    That's what every adult says :S

    However, they forget you hate it while you're there!



  10. Thanks for the belated birthday wishes :)


    Try to enjoy the coursework and mock papers, trust me, one day you'll be looking back and wishing you were still at that stage of your life!


  11. And :5birthday:because I seem to have missed it!!


  12. That's the one! Thanks.


    No worries about the time, I get so little chance to go on the commputer for leisure these days, it's so annoying. So much coursework to do that it's unbelievable!! My teachers are trying deliberately to drown me in mock test papers! AAARGH!


    Don't worry if you don't like the sound of the 'Hungry Cities Chronicles'. I just get a little over-enthusiastic sometimes!


    These things would be expensive, wouldn't they? I don't make any money (Boo! Hiss!) so I'm restricted on my book-buying activities! :irked:



  13. Hi Naphilia, the one you couldn't remember is Voice of the Gods.

    Sorry I took so long to reply, only just noticed your message!

    I will check out the series you mention and see if it's anything I'll enjoy.

    And yes I have a signed copy of Northern Lights. I paid enough for it though (I usually do with my signeds, limiteds and firsts)!


  14. That's great!

    I admit I don't usually read by author, more by series. Trudi Canavan is amazing though - I'm searching for the third 'Priestess in White' book that I can't remember off the top of my head :P


    And OMG you have a signed copy of Northern Lights!!???

    That's just too cool...


    The Hungry City Chronicles are books that you HAVE to read. They are almost THE most amazing books ever and that's not just an over-excited 15-year-old talking! The amount of imagination that's gone into them is absolutely brilliant. Believe, you'll want to read those, if none of the others!


    I'll shut up now :D


  15. Hi there, saw your thread about your favourite books. There are a few books there that I have on my TBR pile. Eion colfier was a favourite of my brothers lent me the books a while ago so that I would read them. I know there are a few people on here who are a fan so I am sure that you willmeet like minded bookworms soon.


    Take care