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  1. Hello :blush:


    Writing hasn't actually happened so far (see the book activity thread... and that was just my morning; I might be silly but things like this vex me enough to rob me of my zest when it's already running low), I might give it a crack after dinner if no film is planned with OH.


    Incidentally, I do know you're right. If you weren't, I wouldn't have opened Word yesterday and I wouldn't have added 1k of writing to Chapter Four through "mere" editing (only I can edit a piece into one longer than itself... :roll:).


    I now just need to find enough inner peace for long enough to take the jump into the great unknown of the as yet unwritten... things might be slow, painful, maybe a bit awkward at first, but they will happen and I will polish them - with a little help from my friends :friends0: - and all will, eventually, be good.


    Thanks for your support through the highs and lows, it means a lot to me.


    x Giulia