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  1. Should probably start thinking about bed but mind is racing. Why can't life be content with giving me one obstacle at a time, does it have to be a dozen?

  2. is getting back on track. Hope to actually spend some time around here. Missed you lot. xx

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    2. Charm


      Welcome back Vanwa!

    3. Pixie


      Welcome back.

    4. Vanwa


      Hi all. Thanks. Chrissy, yeah it's really me. Hope you're all ok.

  3. Happy birthday!!! Hope it's a great one!!

  4. Happy birthday! :)

  5. Happy birthday my beeeeeeeeeautiful Vanwa! Hope you have a great day full of good food and presents! xoxox

  6. Hi Abs.

    Saw your comment on my status. You can always email me if you like chick :) I'm usually about somewhere, I just go through phases of not posting.

    Hope you're doing ok lovely xxx

  7. Have shampooed 2/3 of the carpet...and run out of shampoo. And if I buy more, I will have half a bottle which I'll never use. Why oh why???

    1. Booknutt


      What about moving the furniture around, Vanwa? Cover up the bit you haven't shampooed - it'll "do" for another while, and the job's a good 'un!!

  8. Haven't read that one myself, something else for me to acquire!

  9. I've only just started to be honest. Didn't even finish Preludes before I decided I had to buy this stuff!

    I'm also partway through 1602, which is getting a bit weird for me as I'm not a Superhero person, but we'll see :)

  10. Oh, wonderful stuff, I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for it! Any particular favourite volume out of the series? I particularly enjoyed volume 2, but I'm equally fond of the ones which feature Death. I'm reading "Child 44" by Tom Rob Smith at the moment, I can heartily recommend it! I'm a bit of a softy for anything set in a distopian state a la 1984 :)

  11. One of 4 special SM editions. The different collections are again collected but over 4 books, all of which are hardback in beautiful slipcases. Lush.

  12. Preludes and Nocturnes is fantastic, and was for me an excellent introduction to Kazuo Ishiguro. Enlighten me, what is Absolute vol.1?

  13. Hi SM. Just wanted to mention that after picking up Preludes and Nocturnes in the library, I investigated Amazon and got hold of a copy of Absolute V1. Let the journey commence :)

  14. Lunch break from cleaning. I'm shattered!

    1. AbielleRose


      So that's where you've been lately, cleaning? Hope you're well, hun. xx

  15. I hope I am not intruding, but you mentioned in one of my threads that you take meds for your anxiety and depression. I would like to ask you a question, if I may. Do the meds help you discipline your thoughts, and therefore make it easier to write creatively?