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  1. Hey!

    Cool, where did you go?

    Did you have a good time?

    lol, ive had to put my book on hold to read a book for college :P

    But this one for college is good :D

    Thats a good idea, i might do that XD

    Im very good thanks :D

    How are you?


  2. Hey Blackstar!


    Yeah he had a great time thanks. We've just got back from a weeks holiday to end it in style. I'm truely knackered now and need a long sleep! :sleeping-smiley-009


    I used to forget the books I wanted to read too but then I started to use the notepad in the User CP and never forget anymore (think I need to delete a few to make space though! eeeeek!) :lol:


    Hope you're well xxx :D

  3. Hey, No proble nicola.

    Did he have a good birthday?

    yea its good thanks, not been on for a while :S

    lol, its big, not that big yet, i forget the books i wanna read lol.

    How are you?


  4. Hey Blackstar!


    Sorry for the super late reply! It's been my Boyfriend's birthday so I've been full of busy recently....eeeek!


    How are you settling in? Is your 'to be read' pile bigger than Mount Everest yet? Haa! xx

  5. Sounds good.

    Im also doing English Literature.

    Well when i start back :)


  6. I'm studying; Philosophy & Ethics, English Literature, Psychology and History. :) xxx.

  7. ar, kool, sounds good.

    Which A-levels you taken?


  8. I'm back at 6th form to do my A levels. :)


  9. Im good thanks :D

    Its no problem.

    Are you off to college this time?


  10. Great thanks, sorry for the slow reply.. Been a busy day. How's yourself?

  11. Hey ben,

    Thanks for the add. :D

    how are you?


  12. Hey, Your Welcome :D

    im good thank you :D

    how are you??


  13. Cool, ill add it to my TBR pile :P

    That keeps getting bigger and bigger, but not as big as some people :P

    lol, i only really read at night, before i got to sleep. :D

    I got some new jeans for college :D, but going back in, in the morning with my friends, may get some more :P

    Hows your day been?


  14. Hey Blackstar!


    Thanks for the friend request :D


    How are you? :D

  15. It's called 'Thirteen Reasons Why' by Jay Asher, if you like young adults books I'd recommend it, I really enjoyed reading it :) I'm a really fast reader, so can get through books pretty quick, especially when I have so much time on my hands! :lol: Ooo clothes shopping, fun! :D What did you get? x