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  1. Passing around 'hellos' to those on my friends list...how are you?

  2. Happy Birthday NovaLee!:)

  3. Thanks Charm. Sorry I'm a bit late, but Happy 2010!:)

  4. Hey Blithe! Just thought I'd pop in and wish you a Happy New Year! Hope you're well :hug:

  5. I didn't buy much - only 2 books (Julie & Julia and a soup recipe book) and some office supplies. We're always in such a rush in the city that I often don't get everything I want.....like a new wardrobe! :) Hope you have a great time with your friends tonight! :)

  6. I sure will. I have to go up the library today as my kids need some reference books. I'll tell you the book title tonight. I just hope it is still there! Haha.

  7. The sun is finally shining? What so soon? :) :) That was a long haul for you guys, wasn't it? Glad to hear your day was good ....did you buy anything interesting on your shopping trip? I did a little shopping myself this evening. A co-worker is getting married in a couple of months and her social is tomorrow evening. A few of us girls from work are all getting together for supper and a drink before we head to the social and of course, I needed a new outfit for the occasion. :) Bought myself a new pair of jeans, a top and a sweater to go over it ....I think it'll look cute. Have a good night.

  8. I had a pretty good day - the sky actually cleared up and there was -gasp- a little bit of sun in the afternoon!=D I saw Zombieland at the movies - it was quite gory but pretty funny! Hope you had a good day too. What are you up to this weekend?

  9. Hi Catwoman, The book you were talking about sounds interesting. :) If you read it, let me know what you think!

  10. Oh wow!!! Thats sounds awesome. There is a book and I can't think of the name. But it is in my local library. It is basically a kind of like Da Vinci Code but about the meanings behind songs and how one song after another lead to different signs and codes. With the Hardback book is an audio CD containing the songs. from early classical to swing, Blues, Jazz and modern day Rock I think. To be honest I have not read it but I have always looked at it and contemplated having a read of it. If you are interested I am going to the library tomorrow I can take it out, read it and let you know what I think.

  11. Have fun shopping today Blithe. What movie are you going to check out? Sounds like your in for a very lovely day, indeed. :)

  12. Good Morning NovaLee. I know the feeling about everything happening at once... but I'm glad everything's OK :) Yes it's still raining here - it's getting quite soggy out! Time for some indoor fun - I'm heading to Ottawa today for a bit of shopping and a movie!

  13. Hey Catwoman,


    I like all kinds of music, but mostly listen to rock, jazz, and classical. Alan Banks seems to have similar tastes. Everytime I spot a reference to a musician\composer\song that I'm unfamiliar with in those books, I get curious and look it up on the net - I've found lots of good music that way!

  14. Oh hey!


    Thanks for that, sounds like you could make pretty darn good reviews! I will most definitely be moving it up the pile.


    What sort of music is it that you are into?

  15. Hi Blithe ~ Thank you so much for checking in on me. That makes me feel so good. :) All is well ...just in the midst of an unusually busy patch, for some reason. I've had something going on every evening this week. Seems I do nothing for ages and ages and then suddenly everything happens at once. Hope all is well at your end. Is it still raining in your neighborhood?