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Status Updates posted by AbielleRose

  1. Best thing about this time of year are the pumpkin spice lattes. <3

  2. Oh gees... I see it now! Lol, I was looking all over on my member profile. *is a dork* Hope you're having a good day and the rain has stopped!

  3. Hey Michelle :) I'm due to renew my membership but for the life of me can't figure out where to do it *is blonde* Can you direct me, please?

  4. Hey pretty Aussie babe! :) I have the worst migraine I've ever had and its just not going away. I'll reply to your msg a bit later if I can today, I just can't keep my eyes open too long without them hurting. :( Hope you're having a better day/night than me! <3

  5. Have a massive migraine right now. I never get migraines! :(

    1. frankie


      Aww Abby! *hugs* I hope it passes soon, they are such devilish things :(


    2. Pixie


      Down with migraines!!

    3. AbielleRose


      Thanks :) I'm feeling much better now. Darn brain! *glares at brain*

  6. Its raining cats and dogs outside! Anyone up for some puddle jumping? :D

    1. ~Andrea~
    2. Ben


      Would have been funnier if you'd said poodle jumping, tehe. :')

    3. Kylie


      Catch a labrador for me please, Abby!

  7. Thanks Michelle. :) *offers big slice of cake*

  8. Come back! We miss our Mac!

  9. Hey Beautiful! I'm good this morning. :) In search of coffee to keep the brain going, lol. How are you doing, hunni? Hope the decorating and everything is going well!

  10. You're back! *hugs fiercely* *squeezes harde* I just thought I'd shake things up a bit with the name. :) How's life? Hope everything is okay with you, I was starting to think you'd run off into the mountains!

  11. Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight.

    1. Pixie


      *boogies around, shakes my bum, trips over my shoe laces*

    2. poppyshake


      oh yes .. ma ma se, ma ma sa, ma ma coo sa!

    3. SueK


      nothing like a bit of KC to shake your booty to.

  12. Hey VF! I just wanted to pop over and say hi. Hope you and the family are well. xx

  13. Hey Pixie! Glad to see you here again. Sorry to hear life has been so crazy for you! You got some of those nasty storms last week, didn't you? xoxo

  14. *huggles* I love you're beautiful spirit! xoxoxoxoxox Hope you're doing well, hunni! xx

  15. Getting another tattoo today! :D

    1. Janet


      Coolio - I got my first ever one done this afternoon! x

    2. AbielleRose


      Ooh! *runs off to stalk tattoo thread* I can't wait to see it!

  16. Thanks, Janet! Felt like time for a little change. :) How are you doing?

  17. *begins evil plotting*

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    2. vodkafan


      Abby when did you change your username ?

    3. Charm


      Oooh, I've just noticed that! ^

    4. AbielleRose


      Bwuhahaha, evil plot has landed! *grins and steeples fingers*

  18. Just saw a picture of Colin Firth riding a taco. My life is now complete.

  19. Feeling so blissfully happy today! :o)

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    2. Charm


      Anything to do with a certain bunny?

    3. AbielleRose


      Hehe, not yet! I'm not getting the bunny until Friday. Just happy :)

    4. Charm


      Very good to hear xoxo *hug*

  20. It's so warm today! The snow is FINALLY starting to melt! *does a happy dance*

    1. Pixie


      *Dances with Abby*

    2. Genevieve


      you know cheri, everytime I see that gorgeous face I am thinking it is too bad I cannot hand you my autograph book to sign! Hope you are doing well.

    3. AbielleRose


      Aww, *blushes* You're such a sweetie, Genevieve! *huggles*