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  1. Silly question. am I ok to take my kindle into a steaming hot bathroom? I want to read in the bath but I have no case or protective covering... Silly CW

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    2. catwoman


      thanks for all the suggestions guys. I ended up taking a tree book in with me :D

    3. catwoman


      thanks for all the suggestions guys. I ended up taking a tree book in with me :D

    4. Charm


      I put mine in a clear zip type sandwich bag, cheap and protective! ;)

  2. My new high heeled shoes came today. I need to start learning to walk in them. I never wear them because I walk like a man!

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    2. catwoman


      I struggle... A lot. I wear them for rocky and thats it. But I need heels for a holiday. I have them on right now. They hurt :(

    3. Nollaig


      :( Uggh that's horrible. Hugs!
    4. catwoman


      Thanks hun. I hate trying to be more lady like haha

  3. Has anyone read the book I AM LEGEND? I haven't watched the film as I struggle with Will Smith's acting but it sounds my sort of thing. Is it called I am legend too?

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    2. Weave


      'I am Legend' is one of my favourite books,I highly recommend it, the film does not give the book enough credit x

    3. Karsa Orlong

      Karsa Orlong

      The book is awesome, and has one of the best endings I can remember. The Will Smith film is rubbish - avoid it! :)

    4. catwoman


      Thanks for thecomments guys.

  4. I just noitced it was your birthday. Happy Birthday for a couple days ago. Do you feel any different turning 30? My 30th is in June. I actually can't wait.

  5. Today I am making stormtrooper snowflaskes with my kids. Tomorrow a gingerbread house. I have heard Cheeky Girls Xmas song. Christ ams is here!!!!

  6. Don't you hate it when you are so far behind in my reviews that I have forgot what you have read! D'oh

    1. Janet


      Yes! I'm trying to catch up with mine - I was only up to August!!


    2. pickle


      Oh yeah I get the guiulty feeling all the time and forget where I am. Thankgod the kindle can be sorted into download order :-)

    3. catwoman


      I looked up my goodreads account, but I still think I have missed some. Caught up now... I think :s

  7. I don't think I have been this annoyed/ upset/ dissapointed in someone in ages! I will not forget... Grrrrrr. *Goes and TRIES and reads*

    1. Janet


      Oh dear. :( *Hugs*

    2. Janet


      Oh dear. :( *Hugs*

  8. reading the post on BCF is making me depresed hat my MOjo has gone!

  9. my trip to Scotland with Stephanie is finally taking shape. Recommendations of clubs and live music in Glasgow much appreciated!

  10. Hi and welcome to the site. fellow LOST fan. I hope you visit the site soon.

    Take care.


  11. selling my xfactor tickets @ the O2 london sat 19th march if anyone is interested. Trying to do work, while listening to BEECAKE. amazing beautiful band, Check them out!!!

  12. Just got my tickets for Cleveland. Very excited. Must make sure I keep well!

  13. just started catching up on The Beauty of Books series. It's fascinating.

  14. Needs to stop time, so I can have another cup of coffee before work. Do you think if I got a washing up bottle and some sticky back plasticI could make a machine that could do just that?

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    2. catwoman


      Haha. I sure will mate. Will let you know. I am slihtly worried that one roll won't be enough! :P

    3. pickle


      always go for two give you some spare in case you want to build rocket


    4. poppy


      Sounds promising!! Maybe a few iceblock sticks for good measure?

  15. I spy with my little eye. I see Dominic monaghan with an england shirt on *drools*

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    2. AbielleRose
    3. catwoman


      Miss Abs! Why are you giggling at me? ;)

    4. AbielleRose


      Because you sooooooo warrant giggling!*duh*