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  1. Belated happy birthday. Sorry I missed it. :-)

  2. Ohhhh iv looked it up and a few suggestions were 'You will always be...' and something along the lines of 'Tell your husband the truth' but it looks like we won't find out! It is very sad :(

  3. Id love to know what he said to her though :)

  4. Lost in Translation is such a good film! I always thought my friends were mad when they said it was awful!

  5. aaaw no I didn't think that for a second :) it's all good but thanks for the thought :)

  6. I posted in the Dorian thread but I thought I'd leave a message in case you don't see it, as I don't want you thinking badly of me.


    I wasn't criticising what the guy on the other forum said about the film - please don't think that. I'd never criticise someone for having an opinion. :)


    I can't post my explanation here as one can't post spoilers in a profile message but my WTF moment was about the film, not about his comments on it.


    Just wanted to clear that up. :)

  7. Awh thank you, glad you like it! I sadly do not know the artist who did it. Ofcourse i like yours, it is books after all :D

  8. aaaw yuor avatar is adorable!

  9. aaw thank you so much :) how thoughtful of you :) Yes. I am the big 2-3 now :D

  10. Happy Birthday for yesterday, MuggleMagic!



  11. hehe ok I see :) Well I have two stars now and haven't been here long so I think I am doing quite well :P

  12. Yep you absolutely right about the stars. It shows who the chatterboxes are! There are quite a few of us from the South East on the forum :)

  13. hi :) yes, I am in Kent :) It is always nice to find people that live around the same area as me :) I see that you are a Moderator. Perhaps you can answer a question I have had for a while. What do the stars mean that appear underneath our usernames? Do they indicate a number of posts that somebody has made?