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  1. Happy New Year! Thank you for your comment! I did have a wonderful Christmas and like every year I had over a dozen books and to keep up with technology I also had an E-reader so this year on my Summer Holiday in France I won't over-fill my suitcase with books!

  2. So christie angel, did you receive the wonderful clothes and perfume for Christmas or a Barbie doll, I am all attention to hear from you!

  3. thank you for the post Genevieve! It's always lovely to hear from you. I am also sorry to hear of your bad news and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! X

  4. such a powerful picture mon ami, that of a human with her little dog. And how are you doing I wonder, busy eh? Conquering the world, I think you could do it! Me, I have been quite ill and had some sorrow, but everyday is a new page oui, and I like todays page very much. A hug to you.

  5. Yeah I do love it :D (Although I must admit I do only watch for Damon). It's a cute and interesting story but if Damon wasn't there I don't think I would bother :tong:

  6. Hello! I can see by your avatar that you are also a big fan of Mr Damon Salvatore! I hope you are enjoying the series as much as me! :)

  7. Hi Christie. Just to let you know, I took the bold and colour out of the Prom Nights From Hell post as it's easier to read posts without the font changed.

  8. It is so nice to hear from you always Genevieve! Yes I'm am doing well with my exams coming soon I'm sure to be revising hard! I'm thrilled to say also that I will be visting Port Grimaud this summer once more and can't wait! x

  9. Cheri, oh how I wish I knew where you are and if you are okay,. Hugs to you and prayers and wishes that all is well.

  10. bonjour our little writer, and it was nice to hear from you. And so you are knocking yourself out learning eh, good for you. I wish you every happiness and success and send you faerie wishes come true.

  11. Hello! So sorry I haven't replied or been on here a while but I've just started college and have had such a busy term! I have been reading alot obviously haha! Especially Tess of the D'Urbevilles for English Literature. I have now decided that I want to become a writer in the future and I hope that everything is going well for you as well.

  12. salut darling girl, are you okay and how is your life going? I am thinking of you.

  13. Bonjour again Christie, I hope your summer is going as you wish and you are getting rest and having some lovely times. Know you are on my mind and in my heart.

  14. Bonjour my little Cymru friend. I am sure you must be very busy oui, having a wonderful summer, enjoying the air and the sun. You must write to me and tell me how you pass the time and what your hopes and dreams are and I will light a candle for you and pray that they will come true. Well the good ones anyway! :)

    Have a happy day little one. Be careful and don't trust just every man Jack that gives you the eye. I want you to always be safe and well.

  15. Salut!

    I love to come here and see your pretty bold hello. It is so welcoming and cheery and I feel better after.

    So a nice yellow happy face smile to you Christie, oui, and have a lovely day.