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  1. ah dear one, whenever I visit this page , me I think I am at home and I love to linger and look at everything. I hope you are dong well and are enjoying some good weather.

    A hug to you and here , a little cake I made-I am baking today. So eat it, it is really yummy(forgive the bragging) with my best regards. :)

  2. They are beautiful. I would love another cat to keep our Silver company like that.

  3. Thanks Jewell I had to show off my cats!

  4. Like the changes to your this page Suzanna!

  5. Better than I have been, writing and laundry today.

  6. Good Morning. Hope you are well on this sunny morning.

  7. No you didn't Paula. He died peacefully at home - didn't even want us to pay a vets bill. Still, I wish we could have another one but can't afford it.

  8. I am so sorry about your wee dog, I hope I didn't upset you, love, Paula x

  9. Sadly Gyre that dog has now passed away.


    The cats are cute aren't they. The ginger one is massive now - the photo in my background was taken months ago.

  10. Your cats are so cute Suzanna and the wee dog in your profile pic is beautiful x

  11. Horrible ... Well treasure the moments you can. I spent the last week of my grandfather's life by the bedside of my grandfather. The second to last day of his life I couldn't take it any longer and walked out of the room and sat down in tears! I just hated to see a vibrant, loving man like he was being taken down by a blood complaint ... The tears hurt - then a nurse came by and stopped she told me:


    "What would you rather be doing sitting here crying and possibly lose the chance to say goodbye to him - or go there, hold his hand and tell him you love him as many times as you can before you say goodbye!"


    I went back - for ... (real tears coming just telling you this!) anyway. For about half-an-hour my mum was one side of the bed and I was on the other - he grabbed our hands and squeezed them tight - the last time I ever touched him - the day after he died!

  12. The colours are easier on the eye aren't they? Would you be interested in seeing some of my book? My email should be in my profile.

  13. Oh, less pink, I like :P hehe

    Top Gear is good, I know nothing about cars at all really, other then "VRRROOOMMM" :P

    It's my weekly dose of comedy really. It's nearly finished then I can shower, excited about that more-so than anything!