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  1. Talking about catching up and that, you do know there's a Hitchhiker's Convention going on at the Southbank Centre this Sunday? If you become a fan of the centre on Facebook you even get buy one get one three tickets so you could bring the girlfriend too if she's interested :D! I know I'll be there in my PJs and dressing-gown, towel at the ready...


    Glad uni and the flat are so successful; keeping my fingers crossed for your imminent jobhunting - I admire your determination not to stay stuck in a soulless job so, go you for that! I'm at the point where (since I'm done with studying) I can't expect my family to support me anymore so I don't really have a choice, the first soulless job I get offered will be the first soulless job I take... wah :cry2:.


    As for the novel, well... it's always here ;)!