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  1. This is too difficult (and I'll probably change my mind again as soon as I hit post!) The Virgin Suicides - Sofia Copolla Lost in Translation - Sofia Copolla The Darjeeling Limited - Wes Anderson The Grand Budapest Hotel - Wes Anderson Slumdog Millionaire - Danny Boyle Fight Club - David Fincher Harry Potter (Series) Lord of the Rings (Trilogy) Silver Linings Playbook - David O. Russell The Color Purple - Steven Spielberg
  2. Sounds really interesting! I hope the casting gets it right.....could be a brilliant drama
  3. Hello folks! I haven't popped in for ages! After a busy couple of years I've got the reading bug again and need inspiration! Hope everyone is grand xx
  4. Hey! I have to second Pickle's recommendation for Justin Cronin's The Passage. I'm reading it now and it has me gripped. It's a big one (about 900 or so pages) but it's divided into pre and post-apocalyptic as well as other sections so doesn't feel too long. It's the first of a trilogy which is apparently the same time frame from three different perspectives.
  5. I use public transport to get about. We've got really good transport links up in Newcastle so I've never really needed to drive although I have started to learn (on and off! ) However, the bus company I use have created names for their services and the service I use is called the Fab 56 It's the most camp bus in the fleet and t cheers me up in the morning which probably says a lot about me
  6. Stephanie!!!

    How's you? Been up to much? How's uni going?

    Hope you're grand xx

  7. Nicola

    No problem :) It's an amazing place and I always recommend it to anyone who will listen. It has a real rural feel to it thanks to the City Farm and it doesn't attract 'Bigg Market Types'....all good!

    You'll have to give me a shout when you're heading up so I can keep my eyes peeled for you. Also, The Cluney Burger is famous in certain circles (they do a ve...

  8. Does my society look big in this?

    1. Mac


      Nope. It looks gooooooood...! ;)

      *runs away giggling like a schoolboy

    2. Nicola
    3. Genevieve


      looking at your perfect face I am thinking your parents are very lovely, oui? How nice for you! I hope your book is all you hoped for and your year starts out, well and ends just the way you planned.

  9. Nicola

    Also (me again!!), if you haven't been to the Ouseburn Valley before, you might want to check out this site :)


    I usually head down there with my friends (bonfire night was amazing! Views of fireworks over the valley with hot cider and mulled wine at The Cumberland Arms....heaven!) xx

  10. Thanks for the birthday message Kylie! xx

  11. Thanks for the birthday message Julia! xx

  12. Thanks for the birthday message Echo :-D

    It was a very drunken affair but I had a great time! Thanks! Hope you're well xx

  13. Nicola

    Hey Mac!!

    I'm good! Just been super busy with uni stuff and job hunting. It all keeps the grey matter in good shape :-D

    How are you?

    Oooooh a jaunt up North eh? Are you going anywhere in particular? I can recommend the Ouseburn Valley as a brilliant place to take in a few ales!

    Hope you're well!

  14. Just finished Dark Lover by JR Ward. Overall it was a good book Hoping to finish Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk soon. This is a re-read but as it's been a while since I last dived between the pages, I'm enjoying forgotten storylines and characters.
  15. Nicola

    Haaa! I'm a fan of the dying wasp Mac :D *makes mental note to save that one for later*. I'm out of sorts at the minute and feeling down (boy trouble). I'm sure I'll be back to my usual self soon enough but think it'll take time to get there. How's you? Been up to much? Hope you're grand :D

  16. I should have realised that Dark Lover by JR Ward was a bit rude considering the title!

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    2. Nicola


      I'm really enjoying it :) (maybe a little too much!!) I have to make sure that I hide the cover when reading in public places but apart from that, I like it! My Mam asked me yesterday what it was about, so I told her it was about an orphan :-D xx

    3. Weave


      Sorry Nicola, I just read your comment and burst out laughing! (I know its true but you know the rest), you know what I mean Lmao x

    4. Genevieve


      I think I have wandered into a dream eh, it is so beautiful here, wonderful! I hope you are well and happy, but I think you must be. Me, I am recovering and came to say hello!

  17. Haa! I know how you feel. I'm currently re-reading Social Innovation and Territorial Development just for fun.....yes I'm a complete loser! I've not heard of this series Tenne and I've read a fair bit of vampire fiction. I've recently made a start on Laurell K. Hamilton's Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series and also the JR Ward Vampire series. They're both ok. How many books are in the series so far? Any good?
  18. Me too. I've also re-read Harry Potter, Sookie Stackhouse and the Vampire Diaries quite a few times. I think I've re-read Dead to the World by charlaine Harris about 10 times! Its my 'pick me up' book when I need cheering up :mrgreen:
  19. This was my favourite too Thanks Abby! I've had myself a good little chuckle
  20. Oh! I loved this book Whitegold A bit odd, but really interesting. I loved all the old movie trivia he threw in too. I'm reading Dark Lover by J.R Ward and it seems to be recovering my lost mojo for me. I've also read a few chapters of Once by James Herbert which was recommended by a friend. It's pretty good so far and I'm looking forward to getting a few more chapters read....it seems like my kind of story. Unfortunately, I've given up on American Psycho and have filed it away for another day. I wasn't a fan of the over descriptive narration which I think is probably one of the quirks of the book.
  21. Well hello there Mojo.....Nice of you to return :-D

    1. Janet


      Hurrah! I don't suppose my mojo was with it...?!

    2. Nicola


      Ah no...is yours on the run too Janet? I'm sure it'll come back when it's hungry :-) Hope you're grand x

  22. Nicola

    Wow! That sounds great :-) What type of business are you thinking of starting up? And in the Peak District! I'm jealous!!

    I've just been chilling out really. Had a day at Beamish last week and went to the Chinese Circus yesterday which was good. Not as busy as you sound :-D

  23. Nicola

    I don't know what's wrong with my posts....they keep cutting off for some reason and I have characters left too :-(

    Anyway, I was just saying that Newcastle has been a tad chilly this summer :-(

    Hope you're grand :-D

  24. Nicola

    Hey Mac!

    Yeah, things are looking up now so it's all good :-) The MA is in Planning and Environmental Research and prepares students for PhD study which would be amazing! Watch this space!! It begins on 27th of Sept :-D

    How's everything with you anyway? Been up to much recently? How's summer been in your neck of the woods? Hopefully better than ...

  25. I agree with everyone else....40p is super cheap. I pay about 60p for extra salad at the sandwich shop close to my office and that only icludes lettuce, tomato and cucumber. Bargain!!
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