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  1. Happy Birthday I hope you have a lovely day :-)

  2. Happy birthday - hope you have a brilliant day. :)

  3. Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day.

  4. How inconsiderate of them!!! PUNISH THEM!

  5. I know, I'm an evil genius! :D I need something to cheer up my boring afternoon. I need to get a minion to make me a brew, but they are all on lunch.

  6. Oh you are a cleaver lasy my dear... very clever.

  7. or I could just mix the two together?! They would never sleep again mwhahahahaha

  8. Haha, that is a very good plan. If that fails you always have Red Bull! Hehe.

  9. Awwww, I don't mind them being tired. I'll give them a coffee and they will be wide awake in no time

  10. Oh no! I hope you are Ok mate.

    I will of course pass the sparklies when I am done, yet they maybe slightly tired, hehe.

  11. Hello lady....sorry for the delayed reposnse, I was buried under a pile of holiday washing and needed to claw my way out..!! How's tricks? You feeling better now? Can you send those sparkly vamps my way when you are done with them, I could use some cheering up myself!