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  1. Just to come in to your beautiful world here is so soothing to my heart. You are a treasure and a gift and you must never forget it.

  2. Ah me, how I envy mon ami to live in such a place. You must never ever get bored, so much to do and see and ....I have to lay down!

  3. Why is that when it has been snowing for a week I long to wear just a small jacket oui, and go out and walk in plain shoes, no boots, and smell flowers, look at the blue sky and maybe go for a horseback ride in a quiet place. And when it has been hot one week I am teary eyed for snow and silent walks under the night sky, the snow falling in huge flakes. To go for a nice hot cup of tea?

  4. Cheri Paula,

    If you get any more friends here you will have to start a second site! I hope you are very happy little one and are enjoying some goodness in your precious life. And hello to all your dear friends below.

  5. Bonjour little one. I hope you are doing well.You are in my thoughts today, so I wish you well.

  6. Bonjour! Please forgive me for never thanking you for my birthday wish. I did not come back for a long time, oui, and I was so burnt out . I have always longed to go to Scotland, why I never make it I don't know! But I dream. have a happy day :)

  7. How are you? I love this page, it makes me feel warm and somehow in the middle of an adventure. I look at your mates above and know you must be a wonderful person, for they care about you oui?

  8. So christie angel, did you receive the wonderful clothes and perfume for Christmas or a Barbie doll, I am all attention to hear from you!

  9. I hope my dear ones, that you all had a lovely Christmas or holiday time, oui and that you found out that you are even more wonderful than you suspected! hugs to you all

  10. Happpy birthday Kylie, I hope today is a most joyous and happy time for you

  11. A beautiful birthday to you.

  12. Bonjour dear Ooshie,

    I am just dropping in to say hello and thank you for the birthday hello.

    I hope to read many of your posts and get to know you, oui,I am sure that will be wonderful. :)

  13. salut Mountie Man, and how are you? Chasing the buffalo down the street on the way to the mall, or just being your charming self?

    Any way I was thinking about you and hope you are well and happy and doing what fulfills you. have a good day.

  14. hello mon ami, I am dropping in to say hello and that you have been on my mind. So you are looking into medieval torture devices eh? And me, I have to go to the dentist next week, so I hope my doctor is not also reading with joy torture! Have a good day.

  15. salut! I think, along with many, that it is time to come and tell us how you are doing cheri, what do you think? hugs and hoping you are very well.

  16. such a powerful picture mon ami, that of a human with her little dog. And how are you doing I wonder, busy eh? Conquering the world, I think you could do it! Me, I have been quite ill and had some sorrow, but everyday is a new page oui, and I like todays page very much. A hug to you.

  17. You are not here and I am wondering how you are little bubble girl!. come back when you can and tell us.

  18. ah me, I worry over you and hope you come back just once in a while and tell us how you are.

  19. I am thinking of you and hope that you are happy and well little one.

  20. salut and what have you been up to then? something I am thinking very brilliant and good. I think sometimes of you and wonder what your life is holding for you at that moment and the possibilities make me smile. a hug to you!

  21. salut and how are you eh? This is a lovely page and I am thrilled at the number of people who love you as well as me! I am only coming on once in a while now, but you all remain in this heart of mine.

  22. Although I will be gone a while again, I leave all of you , my dearest, new family, a nosegay of long stemmed true admiration and love, interspersed with tiny wild flowers sprinkled with hope and dignity, fulfillment of dreams and green foliage bursting with health of mind and body. Lastly, tied up with sweet ribbons of laughter and adventure and carried in a faerie bag of peace and rest. And always, every morning while it is still dark and the world sleeps, I will lift each of you up in prayer. I never forget you. xxxxxxxxxoooooooo, Genevieve.

  23. Salut all my dear sweet and kind friends. Merci for all your messages, they brought the tears to these eyes. I have been on a long journey of grief and yet renewal since last we met;, but I am thinking in the end it will turn out to be tears of silver and sparkling diamonds that I can share with others, so that is alright, eh?

    The weather is variable, but in each day , whether the sun she shines or the rain falls to soothe and console as I walk under its rythmic pit a pat, I am leaning something about me. Ah me, we are truly made of so many layers it takes a life time to just see them one time only. I think maybe oui, that a thousand years would be just right to honestly know ourselves well, but alas we must pixalate things and only catch fleeting glimpses of our real selves.

  24. You know cheri, there is this particular Poirot that I love to watch because I get to see Ariadne Oliver, a writer friend of my dear Hercule. Everything about her is alive and full of intrigue to me, and I feel the same about you. I have to come for a stroll now and then to your page and upon seeing that face I am full of wonder about what you are doing and thinking and it cheers me up no end! Have a special day.

  25. bonjour dear one and how are you? Just a moment ago when I looked up and saw your amazing face I was reminded of a few of the Rembrandts that I love. You have the Personality,oui and I encourage you to write and post a hundred times a month!