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    sculpture, ancient Celtic, Middle-Eastern dance and music; the Dance, still do ballet barre excercises for the stretching! Free lance writing and working with damaged children, they are the face of God to me.

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  1. Am doing alright here, not so happy it's february, always suffer from a bit of a winter depression, february being my least favourite month of the year. :( But it's over soon. ;)

    But me, write? Oh no.. in the past there have been attempts, mostly for school to be honest, but I found out writing is not for me, I never get it onto paper the way I want to. Besides, I am notorious pretty much for not finishing things after starting them. Unfortunately. ;) But I rather stick to reading anyway, more fun for me.

    You're doing good too I hope? You're as happy as I am that spring's almost here? ;)