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    sculpture, ancient Celtic, Middle-Eastern dance and music; the Dance, still do ballet barre excercises for the stretching! Free lance writing and working with damaged children, they are the face of God to me.

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  1. You come at a time when hugs a needed - yet I still fly, if low and slowly, thanks to the loveliness of people who will not allow me to give up on my broken wing. As someone who shares that lovely quality of spirit, which includes (but is not restriced to) putting others before yourself and always knowing how to inspire, comfort and soothe them, you have been missed, and are very dearly welcome back. I hope you're back to stay, and that I may before long read more of your words of wisdom. Have many hugs in return for the ones you so thoughfully sent to me; I hope they find you also entranced by the joys of flight.