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    sculpture, ancient Celtic, Middle-Eastern dance and music; the Dance, still do ballet barre excercises for the stretching! Free lance writing and working with damaged children, they are the face of God to me.
  1. Two long years without your kind words and healing spirit. I hope you have all you need in life Genevieve. X

  2. where did you go!

  3. Hi Genevieve, I hope you and your family are well, I have missed seeing you around on the forum x

  4. Hi Genevieve. I hope life is treating you well. Hope to see you again one day. xx

  5. Passing by to say hi...hope you are all well

  6. you ran across my mind today. I pray you and your family are well. I miss your sweet, gentle

    and encouraging posts. come back soon. you are missed!

  7. Dear sweet Genevieve, I hope all is well with you, I miss you :)

  8. Just to come in to your beautiful world here is so soothing to my heart. You are a treasure and a gift and you must never forget it.

  9. Hello there my beautiful friend! I hope you're doing well, Genevieve. It always makes me smile to see your name pop up here on the forum. You're such a lovely beacon of light! Hope you're well. xx

  10. Ah me, how I envy mon ami to live in such a place. You must never ever get bored, so much to do and see and ....I have to lay down!

  11. Happy New Year! Thank you for your comment! I did have a wonderful Christmas and like every year I had over a dozen books and to keep up with technology I also had an E-reader so this year on my Summer Holiday in France I won't over-fill my suitcase with books!

  12. Why is that when it has been snowing for a week I long to wear just a small jacket oui, and go out and walk in plain shoes, no boots, and smell flowers, look at the blue sky and maybe go for a horseback ride in a quiet place. And when it has been hot one week I am teary eyed for snow and silent walks under the night sky, the snow falling in huge flakes. To go for a nice hot cup of tea?

  13. Cheri Paula,

    If you get any more friends here you will have to start a second site! I hope you are very happy little one and are enjoying some goodness in your precious life. And hello to all your dear friends below.

  14. Hi Genevieve, merci beaucoup for the nice comments. :)

  15. Hi Genevieve thanks for the lovely comments on my top. The muffins were quite tasty in the end and I out fresh raspberries in them so not at ll like cardboard. I try not to buy ready low fat meals as I think they are a bit rubbish and taste horrible. Btw I hope your son is feeling better and a belated happy New Year