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  1. Hey Ben. I wish I had something sensible to say but I'm not very good at these things, just letting you know that my thoughts are with you and your family. I can't imagine how hard this must be for you, I haven't lost someone close since I was very very young so I've only got vague memories of what it feels like, and even those vague memories are painful. What I can imagine though is that, cliched as it may sound, your Auntie is in a better place now. I know you must be missing her badly and that's as it should be, love wouldn't mean much if we were able to forget about it from one day to the next. The pain is a testament to the depth of your feeling, which may not sound like much but it is. Hang on in there, lots of hugs and thoughts and vibes coming your way. Let me know if (unlikely though this may sound) I can do anything xxxx

  2. Lol, howdy to you too! Also thank you for the poetic imagery of your well-wishing, it made me smile :). Technically I should not be smiling (it hurts), but you know what I mean; it's nice to be in a place where kind people care about your wellbeing, even though that place is really no place and yet all places at once... so, I've got news for you: you are helping already.

  3. Buongiorno, and hello to you too!

    You seem like a really amazing person also, never known anyone quite like you which is a good thing :) I'm glad you've joined!

    Have a brilliant day,