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  1. No such thing as too much kindness, especially as directed towards a lovely woman who deserves as much serenity as you do :friends0: hope you get to feel better soon, I'm here if you ever need an ear or shoulder along the way.

  2. Please, no self-flagellation mental or physical necessary, I like my Stevie whole :friends0: thank you very much!


    I've been a bit wobbly of late but seem to be mending now so hopefully it will keep up :) how about your lovely self, how're you keeping?


    The proposal is not out there in the big wide world yet, it's still being polished :blush: not that I've got that much time to polish it so I should probably get a move on. Got my dissertation back today though, and am muchly confused as it got a high merit - which would be fine by me, were it not that the comments warrant a distinction :roll: oh well.


    Was really galvanised about doing some writing today but had to run so many errands the time just eluded me :motz: but, who knows what art tomorrow may bring?


    Love and hugs xx

  3. I am so sorry - I moved it to where it should be without remembering that you need 100+ posts to access the Mature Discussion forums, entirely my bad. We're discussing on how to resolve this, please accept my apologies while we sort it out.

  4. Hi :)


    just letting you know I thought it to move your topic to a more appropriate section - slavery's a bit of a sensitive issue so I thought the Mature Discussion section would be the best place to put it.



  5. Hi :) why you may well have some interesting experiences to share, I'm not sure this is the right place to share them - this is a forum about books. It is a place for friendship also, and regular members do share experiences of living in different parts of the world, however it seems to me that you have joined just for this reason, in which case you're probably better off looking for a forum about travelling ;).

  6. Just to say, I've edited your post in the Kelly Armstrong thread having been alerted to a possible plot spoiler; while I was there I also changed the text to black - colour can be an effective way of underlining a word or sentence, but as a rule we ask members to only use it when necessary as it can be quite hard on the eyes :) I notice that Michelle's already tried to alert you to the same rule below; please don't ignore us, we're only working to keep this forum a navigable and pleasant place.

  7. Just to say: mail received, reply in the making :friends0: thanks for everything xxx

  8. Hey :)


    Just to let you know I've had to edit your post in the Writer's Corner section; bold type or underlining can be effective ways of stressing a word or a sentence, but entire passages written in that manner are very hard on the eyes and will put others off - hence why we nicely ask members to post as legibly as they can. Simply a piece of advice for the future, you are very welcome here and we look forward to seeing more of you around.



  9. Indeed, unwell is bad; I'm trying to work on it, I promise. And again, I find myself wishing you were less able to understand my woes - I would rather people I care for (such as you) didn't know what certain feelings look like :friends0:.

  10. Just to say, hello you, I'm not really well but I'm alive which is what matters - what also matters is that oh em gee I'm writing again, 485 words have just been composed re: talking werewolves, you'll be pleased to hear. Hope life is treating you well my friend :friends0:.

  11. I, correct your shameful sp./grammar/punctuation? How you do divert me, my beloved friend and editor!

  12. Indeed I am *pats self on back* :D glad to be on the team!

  13. Hello - I apologise for the pattern, your beautiful eloquence always leaves me (me, the writer and poet!) speechless and I get shy and sheepish about replying, for no words feel right or even adequate after yours. Just letting you know that you're in my thoughts also, you truly wonderful person you :friends0: hope sunshine is smiling upon you.

  14. Thank you for your words and thereness, my friend :friends0: it means a lot that you're not mad at me actually, I was getting worried you might be miffed at what might have seemed like being ignored - in any case, you are not, and you shall be emailed soon, I pinky promises I does. Lots of love xxx

  15. Don't mind at all, in fact - thank you for taking the time to check and let me know! I am very particular about editions, especially when a books looks like something I'll want to keep and re-read so such information is of immense value for me :)!

  16. You have reccommendations :D!

  17. So did I :lol: I realised today that all sorts of people who should have been my friends weren't and I was like, wha? so I hope I've ironed that one out good and proper!


    I'm penniless and stressed - nothing new on the Western front, then :roll: - your lovely self :friends0:?

  18. I realised that a lot of people who I should have befriended officially ages ago I hadn't so I decided to put things right today :friends0: I'm alright thank you, apart from joint pain, imminent-return-of-dissertation stress and how-the-:censored:-does-one-write-a-PhD-proposal angst... how about your lovely self :D?

  19. I'm alright thank you :friends0: minus a minor hand-sprain I managed to inflict on myself two days ago while watching a film (yes, yes, I know).


    Don't sweat about Chapter 3 - you've got at least a month to get your teeth into that, the naggity-nag was geared towards those who'd not looked at 1 & 2 yet so no worries. Although if you *do* want to get on the ball asap, I'd be of course delighted :D!


    Hope you're well xx

  20. Happy Birthdayage :D so glad you're enjoying Neverwhere, it's my favourite Gaiman by a mile and one of my favourite books in the whole wide world! Hope you had and are still having a lovely day xx

  21. Hello :)


    I did indeed go to the H2G2 thingy (towelsome piccies are linked on Giulia's Book Finishing Quest thread) and it was fantabulous, although not as fantabulous as it would have been with you there. If you're feeling like making it up to me re: your presence and cackness (I kid, as I've been extra-rubbish also), there's a Terry Pratchett book club reading mit the pointy hat himself scheduled for December 14th - see the man's thread for details. I will of course be in attendance... what's poverty when you can meet the wizard or wizards?, it would be lovely to see you there.


    Forgetting about me (as I'm quite rubbish in the other sense as well), how are you? x

  22. I am reading Biblioholism at a (for me) surprising speed but - having since this morning discovered a few defects on the volume - I won't be keeping it when I'm done, so should you br less fussy than I am you can mooch it if you like ;)!

  23. Oooh indeed, what did you go see? My first and so far last RSC was the Tennant Hamlet (twice - long story); it was a bit of a mixed bag but when it was good, it was in another league. I mean, Patrick Stewart (who, I'm happy to say, signed my study copy of the Arden Hamlet...)!

  24. Part II (man, I'm prolific):


    As for new writing, it hasn't happened today - a bad book experience, coupled with a plan foiled this afternoon and an ill-advised nap that's made me all groggy have conspired against it :motz:. I don't want to force anything, the moment is delicate; particularly as it dawned on me (I that thought I had such a complete plan) last night that something pivotal which I can't tell you about needs to happen at the end of Dreaded Chapter Four. I don't want to go doing pivotal scenes a disservice by writing when I'm out of sorts, now do I?


    Still - the fact that I'm worrying about doing scenes a disservice is, in itself, quite probably a good sign. Is that a writing zest I see before me, on yond pomegranate tree :lol:?