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  1. has a half an hour speech (2,000+ words) to write for Tuesday, and 0 words to show for it. Normal service shall resume as soon as I've gotten enough work done not to get in trouble at school...

    1. Raven
    2. BookJumper


      You try "improving" for half an hour re: Macbeth in a roomful of scholars with half an hour of Q&A (a.k.a. grilling) to follow & see how you like it...

  2. Ahem...I don't mean to nag, but I'm still waiting to read your report on your latest meeting with Jasper Fforde! *hugs* Hope you're well. :)

  3. How are you and your mumps....sorry to hear you have been poorly and thanks for you comments.

  4. Awww, I'm sad about the pieru :( I think my friend must've remembered wrong. Maybe you could start circulating the word pieru as an alternative for bestia? :D

  5. No worries. You don't want to rush your way through Little, Big, anyway. It should be read slowly, and savored. :)

  6. Why hello :) had a bit of an evil-flu-ridden Xmas but apart from that (and being stuck at Heathrow for days), I did have a lovely Xmas :) hope you did to xx

  7. ... someone's pulling your leg I'm afraid, 'beast' is 'bestia' and 'pieru' isn't even a word in Italian XD good to be back, by the way!

  8. Double the priority to get Little, Big read sooner then :) and don't worry, there shall be a review. I can't promise how long it will take me to read it 'cos I'm swimming in high deadline water, but I'll do my best. A bit late for wishing you a good day too, so please have a lovely night's sleep.

  9. Hi, Bookjumper. I just wanted to say I look forward to your thoughts on Little, Big. I love that book. It is beautiful and sad. "The further in you go, the bigger it gets." If you don't post a review, please at least let me know what you think after you have read it. Please have a good day. :)

  10. Hello BookJumper, haven't seen you around on here in ages, but it seems like you're back now, that's good to hear! :) I heard today that 'beast' is 'pieru' in Italian, is that true? If so, it would be kind of funny because 'pieru' in Finnish means a fart :) Tehehe.

  11. Thank you :) it's good to be back. Drowning in essays rather but all other impediments to my love affair with the board have been kicked in the bum, so here I be!

  12. IS. OFFICIALLY. BACK. :)!!!

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    2. ~Andrea~
    3. poppyshake


      I'm a bit late but welcome back Giulia .. missed seeing you around

    4. Genevieve


      I missed you cheri. I hope all things are sunshine, or at least rainbows now.

  13. Good news (that it's only PC problems that is), thanks Chrissy. Hurry back Giulia - hope you had a lovely Christmas x

  14. I remember some of your posts in the Mature Discussion area and your gorgeous writing. I haven't seen you around. It seems others are worried. I hope you are okay. :)