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  1. Hi Lily, just to let you know I watched the finale of Season 4 of Dexter the other day. How mental was that ending? Incredible series! Probably the best one yet. Either that or the first one. Great stuff.

  2. What is this, you are twenty now! :) ah me but you look it eh. I hope you had a little spoiling eh? Something dramtic and a itny bit magical.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday for yesterday! :balloons: Hope you had a fantastic day! :D

  4. Ah how dear to finally have the answer from you , little missing in action!. I pray God that you have been alright and blessed, oui , and happy! Merry Christmas!

  5. Hello, Wilde Lily. Just thought I'd pop in and wish you a Merry Christmas! :D

  6. Thats great to hear! I enjoyed season 3 for sure but I long for the awesome days of season 1. Episode 3 of Season 4 was on the other day and I', liking the way its panning out. Back to the good old days of the mental serial killer!

  7. Here in the USA the last episode of season 4 aired on Sunday. I'm going through withdrawal! ;) Season 4 won't let you down, I promise! I envy you watching it for the first time. :)

  8. Which season is that? I'm in Australia and we have only just started the 4th season. I enjoyed the third one, but the first is still the best IMO. The whole game between him and the ice truck killer was just wicked.

  9. I love you avatar. :) How did you like the last episode of this season?

  10. Hello Genevieve! I've been away for awhile, so it was nice to see your messages when I logged in today. *HUGS* :)

  11. And how is the lily of the field, the wild and gentle one doing eh? Are you well and is everything alright. You must come and tell us and make us happy.,

    hugs to you and those you love.

  12. Salut,

    How are you doing these days, you are alright then?

    It is very hot and tiresome here and I am wishing for a cold day and some serious rain to settle my heart and take me away to the times of Arthur.

    Be happy and have a joyful day.