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  1. Mac

    Very well, thank you. Also waiting for the new term to start, but feeling all the same anxieties, naturally. I'm doing something about it, though. I'm setting up a business with one of my best friends here in the Peak District doing what I love and what I'm best at. It'll take a year or so to get off the ground, but with minimal outlay, which is a reuslt! What're you up ...

  2. Mac

    I'm nosing around YOUR profile now, lady! :) Hope you're all right, my pedigree chum. Pip pip for now. x

  3. Hello, Mr Butter. Thought I'd leave a note purely to say that. Hope you're well...darn, that makes my previous sentence a lie...

  4. Mac

    Thanks for checking out my blog, Kell. It means an awful lot to me. X

  5. Thank you for reading my blog, Andrea. It means a lot to me. x

  6. Thank you for reading my blog - it means a lot. x

  7. Thanks for the post, lady. I'm sure you'll enjoy Her Fearful Symmetry. Have you read any Elizabeth Kostova? Another good one! x

  8. Mac

    Well, to be honest, life is a bit of a whirlwind, a cacophony of activity if you will, but I have plans to alter a fair amount of it. I've a few days off, which is pleasant, but these seem to be being filled rather quickly - however, I'm refusing to do anything today, which is nice. Happy days, eh.

  9. Crikey. I've just read the chapter where the GRIMMEST thing happens...*shudder*

    Excellent book, mind. Loving it (although what that says about my soul is another thing to discuss later...) xx

  10. Mac

    Sedge, good sir. Long time no speak. How goes it, my friend? All is well, one hopes.

  11. Ayup, Bethany! How are you doing? It's been about...well, at LEAST one thousand years since we said "yo!". How goes it? What's happening? How's Boogie Ville? xx

  12. *sounds of Mac parachuting in and thrashing about under the fabric*

    Gah! How on EARTH is anyone supposed to use these things in a daring rescue?!?

  13. Woo hoo! *sounds of pounding feet as Mac dashes in and out again, waving frantically*

  14. Crikey, Giu. Things sound utterly rotten for you at the moment. I'm wishing that there was something I could do for you. Are you moving out of the country completely, or just within the borders? Thinking of you, my friend. xx

  15. Giulia. One is becoming concerned that one has offended you. How are things? Have you moved? Are you settled? What's the square root of 65,978,125.4? xx

  16. I'm off for a while now. Toodles. Have a good day. xx

  17. I, too, get nervous starting something new and meeting people (particularly when I have no control over the situation), but have learned to plough on regardless. I hope he enjoys it. The Great Outdoors is a wonderful thing. xx

  18. It's something one learns to accept and deal with, when one is so pretty...:-o

    Scouts is brilliant, provided the Leaders are suitably young-at-heart and have a good sense of adventure, which they generally do. My troop and my Explorer Scout Unit seem to have a great time but, again, THAT might have something to do with just how frickin' handsome I am...

  19. I've started it now. Hopefully, I'll be able to have a few hours of undisturbed bookness over this week. I'll update you with my progress. I hope you don't feel too rough, my friend. Wrap up warm and drink single malt ;)

  20. I'm totally busy with the Scouts and the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, all over the place, but it keeps me out of mischief and from being arrested for being so darned handsome...;)

  21. You've finished ALL books? Man, you're on the wrong site! This is for people who HAVEN'T read all books! :)

    Hope you have a good day at the beach, youngster! And welcome to the BCF. It's pretty good on here and everyone is very friendly. Even me. TTFN.

  22. I hope you enjoy your holidays, m'lady. Going anywhere in particular, or just bumming around the homestead? x

  23. James Brown?!? Whatchoo talkin' abaht, lady?!? xx

  24. Hola! Dropping in to say hello and all that jazz. What's the buzz in your world, Andrea? What's going down in Groove Town? I notice that we were born within mere weeks of one another. '73 is a fine vintage...x