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  1. It's over 38Km long! That's enormous!

  2. Mac

    So, having read his other novels, would I enjoy this one, or would I just go "Yawn, read it all before!" like I did with a couple of the others? Tell me. I'll go with your judgement. :)

  3. Mac

    And you're more than welcome. I really appreciate your visits. x

  4. Mac

    Eee, but I can be a dolt...x

  5. Mac

    You're very welcome. I hope you're having a terrific weekend so far. :)

  6. Mac

    Scratch that last one, Kell. I was being a doughnut. I didn't realise the 'block' bit was for what we wanted to display. I thought it was in case we wanted to block someone! D'oh!!!

  7. Mac

    Whoa. No friends yet?!? We are a terrible bunch, aren't we? Hoping all is well with you.

  8. Good afternoon, Michelle. Just whizzing in to say hello, 'cos I've not done so for a while...I'm flattered that you enjoy the rubbish I spout on my blog. Thanks for reading it and commenting. I really appreciate it. Hope you're enjoying your weekend. :)

  9. Mac

    Kell, I noticed on yours and a few others' blogs that you can see who's visited. Is this purely for admin and mods or am I being a numpty again and simply not sussing out how I achieve that perk? I am, after all, a bit of a div. x

  10. Mac

    Hey, Zumii. How's it going? Nice to see you around these parts. x

  11. Mac

    Good morning, Kell. Art well, lass?

  12. Good morning, Giulia. Everything alright with you? xx

  13. As it turns out, not one hour after I left this last question, Lake Pontchartrain was mentioned on the radio in reference to Hurricane Katrina, so I've now established where it is in the world. Have a good day.

  14. Mac

    The MA sounds grand, Nic. My summer's been busy, really - full of scouts and DofE and all that jazz. Back to school on Monday, which I'm a bit bummed out about, but I have plans to set up my own business here in the Peak District. Maybe two years and I won't have to work with naughty kids! What have you been up to? 'Owt good? xx

  15. Good morning, there. Please, where is Lake Pontchartrain? The name is intriguing. Hope you're well.

  16. Mac

    I'm sorry to read that you broke up with your fella, Nicola, and I hope that things have settled down for you. Great news about the MA. What's it in? The message you sent stopped after that information! Hugs and stuff. x

  17. Mac

    (I am soooo down with the kids, one knows)...

  18. Mac

    Yo Pickle. How're tings in da hood? x

  19. Yo. Giu. Where you at, lady? We is, like, totally missing you, innit, though. XXX

  20. Mac

    It's reassuring when there's a feeling out there not too dissimilar from ones own, isn't it! Thanks for continuing to read the crap that I spew forth, Kell. X

  21. Yup. Definitely read The Historian. It is, quite simply, awesome. xx

  22. Mac

    Aloha, Nicola. How're things up Newcastle way, my friend? All tickety-boo and pukka, one hopes. What's going down in Groove Town? It's been a while, mate. x

  23. You're more than welcome. :)

  24. Mac

    I meant, "Result"...x