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  1. Giulia. Good evening. How are you doing? Are you more settled now? xx

  2. Mac

    Well, I too have been busy, but all is well, really. Can't complain. Well done on passing your driving test. xx

  3. Mac

    Hi Jessi. What's new witchoo, lady? xx

  4. Yo. Where you at, lady? xx

  5. Mac

    Hola. How art thou, m'lady? What's the buzz in Funksville? Good weekend so far? States any good? I enjoyed 'em, but I was pig-muntered for most of it...every time. I was such a loush...

  6. Mac

    Bonjour le class. Nice hair, Kell. I haven't got any. Shave it, you know. I realised long ago that I was beginning to recede when it started taking me longer to wash my face...xx

  7. Happy holidays, Abbie. I've not been around much recently, but you can be darn sure of my best wishes at all times! Mwah.xx

  8. Mac

    Dad dancing?!? I am undone. Deflated. Awash with misery! ;)

  9. Mac

    Ironically, I have also climbed the highest mountains and walked regularly through many fields...;) xx

  10. Mac

    Don't worry. I was being a doughnut, again! :0 xx

  11. Mac

    Hi Kell. Quick query. I can't seem to locate my Mac Reads (started 2009) thread. No matter what I do. What can I do to find it, please?

  12. Mac

    Belated happy birthday, my friend. Hope you're very well. xx

  13. The Wasp Factory is a fantastic novel - a brilliant debut of a superb author. Enjoy!

  14. And you, Madam, are the seventeen colours of wondrous. ;) xx

  15. Crumbs. That's an extensive 'interests' list you've got going on there, lady. Welcome, and all that. Hope you're good and well.

  16. Giulia. C'est moi, checking out how things are going. What's the crack, m'dear? xx

  17. Yo. Missed your birthday, didn't I! What a dope. Hope you're very well, my friend. And enjoying Vlad. It's smashing, innit!

  18. Hey Noll. How're things over your way? What's the news? Hoping all is well with you, my friend, and that you're having a tip top weekend. xx

  19. Mac

    Yo! How's the week gone, Nic? Any news? Any views? Any blues? Check out this dance move *Mac slides onto his back and does his famous 'Dying Wasp'*

    MM xx

  20. Mac

    Crikey. That's more than I'd do. I hate sport, too. They called me "Allsports" at school, because I was cr*p at all sports! Have a good day, fella.

  21. Mac

    Happy birthday, my friend. Hope you're having an absolutely cracking weekend! Pa-p-p-pa-pah-p-paaaaaaarrrrrrr!

  22. Mac

    Ah, but Ben. I ripped through all of them - he knows how to make you turn a page! If you enjoyed it more than his others, then I shall buy a paperback copy this very week. Hope all goes well for the start of your final year, mate.

  23. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a cracking good day! :-)

  24. You're like the Scarlet Pimpernell! xx

  25. Hello there. I hope The Interpretation of Murder has encouraged your 'mojo' to return! Have a good Sunday.