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  1. Thanks, Michelle. I totally understand. I'll keep things in check, eh? Take care.

  2. Hi Michelle. I had a little rant yesterday about our british media and it got removed because of the controversial content. Sorry about that. Hope it didn't offend anyone. I really enjoy this site, mind. Thanks very much.

  3. Thank you, my friend. I could rant for days about the blooming media. I often get criticized at work (I work with adults with learning disabilities and a bunch of very pc people) and am sometimes viewed as a little controversial with my rants on the side of sense. I hope you're well.

  4. Hey Frankie. I've been so busy this past number of days that I've not been on the internet at all! Towards the end of the film, I was concentrating very, very hard on what I was doing over the weekend ahead, purposefully not looking at the screen. I'm a dreadfully soft chap when it comes to animals...

  5. Hi there. Marley & Me was...interesting. I spent some of the film taking my service users to the loo several times, then de-choking one of them, who had decided to empty the contents of his popcorn box down his throat. However, at the end I found it very difficult to maintain a dignified composure. Honestly, there were tears...How're you doing?

  6. Mac

    Morning. It's very hard trying to write something with out sounding filthy, now. I'm going to attempt writing a script for Graham Norton...have a good day, chum. :-)

  7. Hope you had a good day, too. I was suffering from a cataclysmic hangover. The drummer in my band came over on Saturday night and we had a little too much plonk. Heeeeeere's Monday! Have a good one, eh! :-)