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  1. Mac

    Well...I've had toast in bed, so you can imagine the mess I've got to deal with...xx

  2. Mac

    Cake is for winners! Just don't chuck any down your top - the sticky crumbs can be terribly irritating...;) xx

  3. Mac

    Morning, Ooshie. I have Nesbo's The Redbreast to read in the next few books or so's time. It'll be The Passage next, though. How're things?

  4. Mac

    Hiya, Sara. Just that, really, and that I hope you're doing okay, my friend. x

  5. Mac

    I went through some similar feelings six years ago when my wife (now 'ex') cleared off with my best friend's fiancée (you read that right). I didn't go to work for almost 5 weeks. A bizarre experience. I'm seeing this lady tomorrow, though, so might glean some coping strategies, one hopes. What're you up to today? x

  6. Mac

    I'm pleased it's Friday, too. If I'm honest, I didn't go in today because I couldn't face the conflict with the kids more than anything. It is starting to get me down a little. You know - how unreasonable they can be, their swearing, their aggression. I don't seem to be able to help them at all.

  7. Hello there, lady. How're things with you?

  8. Mac

    Morning. Sedge. It's been a while. Hope all is well with you.

  9. Mac

    Morning Pickle. How are things with you? I'm off work today - feeling weird...

  10. Mac

    (this must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays)

  11. Mac

    Happy Birthday! Woo hoo!

  12. Mac

    Yo. Pickle. How goes it, m'lady? Still chucking food everywhere? xx

  13. Mac

    Hello, Julia. Hope you're very well. xx

  14. Mac

    Happy birthday, Shin. Hope you have a smashing one.

  15. Mac

    MmmmmmmmmwwwwwwwwWWWWWWWWAH! x

  16. Worry not, Scarlette. I hope you are well and dandy. xx

  17. Hi Michelle. I've not popped by for a while, so thought I would. Here I am. Hello. How's tings in da hood (as they say)? Hope you've had a good weekend. :)

  18. Mac

    Happy Birthday, Em! Wooooooooo....HOO!

  19. Wahey! Happy birthday, Noll. Have a smashing weekend, eh? Mwah! xx

  20. Mac

    Woooooo! Hoo! Happy birthday, Jessi. Hoping you have a smashing day, even though it's LASHING it down and it's windy and grim and poo. Ta dah! TTFN. xx

  21. Greetings, on this foul Monday morning, Noll. All is as can be expected, thank you. I'm so sorry to read that you've been so under the weather! Glad to hear you're picking back up. Have a great day. xx

  22. Mac

    MmmmmmmmmmmmmmMWAH! x

  23. Thanks for your comment on my blog, fella. I'll be 37 on Tuesday, so I'm a youngster. Compared to Methuselah. Sometimes I also wonder how things'd be if I could re-do it all. Hope you're having a tip top weekend.

  24. Thanks, Abs. I love Wall-E...in fact, I might put it on my DVD now! xx