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  1. Mac

    Aloha, Kate. Just that really. Hope all's well witchoo. x

  2. Yo.What's going down in Groovesville? Hope you're very well. x

  3. Mac

    Pickle. Good morning. Are you up to your knees in it, too? xx

  4. KELLY!

    mmmmmmmmmmWAH! x

  5. Ahoy there, Andrea. Just checking in to say "Yo!" and that I hope all is well with you. x

  6. Mac

    Tickle that mojo, Charm. Tickle it! :) x

  7. Mac

    Everybody walk the dinosaur...;) xx

  8. *thwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwUPP rustle rustle rustle (paper floating around upon Mac's instant materialisation)


    *szjjhhhhhhhhhhuhPOP rustle rustle rustle (paper floating around the room upon Mac's instant departure)

  9. Hmmm...I meant the wonderFUL Brian Cox. I can be such a 'tard sometimes...{(

  10. I hope you get this in time, Noll. I wanted to let you know that Tim Minchin is on BBC Radio 4 on Monday evening at 6.30pm in a brilliant programme called "The Infinite Monkey Cage", a science programme with the wonder Prof. Brian Cox presenting. I think you'll love it. Hope you're well. xx

  11. Mac

    I'm not really a monster, Kylie! I was only joking!

    *sounds of Mac sobbing into his tea

  12. Mac

    Ahoy there. x

  13. Mac

    Oh my God! You're like a female Indiana Jones, aren't you!?! You are now officially my HERO! xx

  14. Happy birthday, Rose. Have a smashing time.:)

  15. Mac

    Thanks for reading the bilge I put on me blog, pet. It means a lot. Hope you're having a good day. xx

  16. Ah, no. Neither of these books you've linked are the one I read. I think it's much more recent. I didn't know about the blood bath for the missus! Gross! Hope you're well. x

  17. The Shadow of the Wind is one of my favourite books of recent years. Well...it's in my top fifty, anyway! I hope you're enjoying it. There's the good second novel to look forward to, as well! Have a good evening. x

  18. Ha ha ha! Flemish! Good one!

  19. Mac

    Were we not already friends, Kell? How remiss of us! What do you make of that?!? xx

  20. Mac

    That's great, Nicola. Thanks for the link. I'll have a wander a sample th'ales available. If you see a shaven-headed six footer reading a book, it might be me so don't spill anything on him, oookay? xx

  21. Mac

    Hey, Nic. How're things in the North East? I'm coming up in a couple of weeks for a few bevvies, which'll be nice. What's going on witchoo? xx

  22. Mac

    Have a good day, Pickle. Take care. xx

  23. Mac

    It's certainly how I got these little scratches on me derrier! :o xxx

  24. Mac

    A new town! That's quite a big step, isn't it. I moved about 140miles from my home town when I was 21 and didn't know anyone where I was going. Nerve-racking at the time, but the brave move gave me confidence, once I'd settled in. I kind of want to do it again. You know, a clean slate and all that? Good luck, Julia. xx