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  1. Aching a little after walking 19 miles yesterday...

    1. Chrissy


      You are going to have to walk further than that to become a proper Proclaimer!

    2. Mac


      I'm walking from my front door to Scotland, which is 300 miles, in July. Does that get me any closer...?

    3. Chrissy


      Oh, alright then. :)

  2. Individually: we humans can be quite nice to one another; collectively: we seem to act appallingly towards one another. Tribalism sucks the big one.

    1. Chrissy


      At times, yes. I just remember the ordinary 'tribe' of sweepers who hit the streets after the London riots to clean up their streets. Tribalism doing good things.

    2. Mac


      Every cloud...

    3. Chrissy


      Sometimes it's the thinking of the lining that gets us through. I believe that the majority are decent, it's the bad uns that get the headlines though.

  3. Aloha, people. How're things...?

    1. Kidsmum


      Hi Mac how's things :)

    2. Mac


      Pretty good, thank you kindly!

  4. Saturday and I have some time to myself!!! Whoop!

    1. Eleonora
    2. wordsgood


      Hello all!


      Hope everyone's been behaving themselves and getting lots of reading in! Hugs all around!


  5. has got a Facebook page. Please find me as Matt McKenzie. The profile picture is of me playing guitar at a gig in a black suit. Refine the search to Matlock and you should find me. Mmmmmwah! x

    1. Michelle


      I can't find you :( Join the BCF group, then we can all track you down....! http://www.facebook.com/groups/21521956760/

  6. Mac

    Hi Charm. How's the back?

    I'm doing something wrong, because I still can't access anything further back than when I log on. I've changed and saved my settings, but am not sure what else to do. Please help. I'm missing you all!!!

  7. Clear sky, washing out and pancakes on the horizon...

  8. Happy birthday, Scarlette. Hope you have a smashing time. x

  9. Giulia. Greetings. Are you, by any chance, going to the Earl's Court Beer Festival tomorrow? x

  10. Hope you had a good day, too. I was suffering from a cataclysmic hangover. The drummer in my band came over on Saturday night and we had a little too much plonk. Heeeeeere's Monday! Have a good one, eh! :-)

  11. Mac

    Morning. It's very hard trying to write something with out sounding filthy, now. I'm going to attempt writing a script for Graham Norton...have a good day, chum. :-)

  12. Hi there. Marley & Me was...interesting. I spent some of the film taking my service users to the loo several times, then de-choking one of them, who had decided to empty the contents of his popcorn box down his throat. However, at the end I found it very difficult to maintain a dignified composure. Honestly, there were tears...How're you doing?

  13. Mac

    What the hell do you do, with these crazy shifts, my friend? It sounds exhausting! I hope you're alright, Lady. x

  14. Mac

    Hiya. I'm really enjoying Miss Smilla's Feeling For Snow - it's an unusual tale, but I've really warmed to it. I'm about three quarters of the way through, now, so will put my full thoughts on my reading blog when I've done (I've been so busy lately that I've hardly had time to read!)

    How're you doing? Everything okay with you? xx

  15. Hey Frankie. I've been so busy this past number of days that I've not been on the internet at all! Towards the end of the film, I was concentrating very, very hard on what I was doing over the weekend ahead, purposefully not looking at the screen. I'm a dreadfully soft chap when it comes to animals...

  16. Thank you, my friend. I could rant for days about the blooming media. I often get criticized at work (I work with adults with learning disabilities and a bunch of very pc people) and am sometimes viewed as a little controversial with my rants on the side of sense. I hope you're well.

  17. Hi Michelle. I had a little rant yesterday about our british media and it got removed because of the controversial content. Sorry about that. Hope it didn't offend anyone. I really enjoy this site, mind. Thanks very much.

  18. Thanks, Michelle. I totally understand. I'll keep things in check, eh? Take care.

  19. Thought I'd say 'ayup'. So, ayup! Have you read The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova? It's terribly good. And, have you read The Last Witchfinder by James Morrow? That's terribly good, too! Hope you're alright, mate. Pip pip.

  20. Gah! I'm at home today, after finally succumbing to 'Man' Flu. I've been really quite under the weather for ten days now. The noise level working with the chaps yesterday was most unbearable, so I've called my boss, arranged for cover and bunkered down with drugs and books. How's the dissertation going? I hope this virus isn't communicable through the 'net...virus, geddit?!? ha ha ha x

  21. Oops...sorry about the 'x'. Reflex action. Must control my dancing fingers. Sorry.

  22. Morning Michelle. I hope you're well. I've been writing some tosh for a while and wouldn't mind the opinion of some of the members here - you know, to see if it's worth while me persevering with it or not. How do I go about it putting a little of it to certain people? Also, how the heck do I start a thread? I'm not amazingly technically minded, I'm becoming to realise. Have a good day (if you're reading this in the morning, if not, have a great afternoon and an even better evening!)

  23. Hello mate. I've replied to your April Fool's post. Something about the signs on the way back to Shannon airport. I love your neck of the woods. I've spent some time kicking around there. I'd move to Ireland like a shot, beautiful country that it is. Hope you're well.

  24. Cheers Michelle. I'll get on it! Pip pip and toodles.