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  1. Saturday and I have some time to myself!!! Whoop!

  2. Saturday and I have some time to myself!!! Whoop!

    1. Eleonora
    2. wordsgood


      Hello all!


      Hope everyone's been behaving themselves and getting lots of reading in! Hugs all around!


  3. Clear sky, washing out and pancakes on the horizon...

  4. Aching a little after walking 19 miles yesterday...

    1. Chrissy


      You are going to have to walk further than that to become a proper Proclaimer!

    2. Mac


      I'm walking from my front door to Scotland, which is 300 miles, in July. Does that get me any closer...?

    3. Chrissy


      Oh, alright then. :)

  5. Individually: we humans can be quite nice to one another; collectively: we seem to act appallingly towards one another. Tribalism sucks the big one.

    1. Chrissy


      At times, yes. I just remember the ordinary 'tribe' of sweepers who hit the streets after the London riots to clean up their streets. Tribalism doing good things.

    2. Mac


      Every cloud...

    3. Chrissy


      Sometimes it's the thinking of the lining that gets us through. I believe that the majority are decent, it's the bad uns that get the headlines though.

  6. Individually: we humans can be quite nice to one another; collectively: we seem to act appallingly towards one another. Tribalism sucks the big one.

  7. Aloha, people. How're things...?

    1. Kidsmum


      Hi Mac how's things :)

    2. Mac


      Pretty good, thank you kindly!

  8. Hey, Sarah. How are things going? I like your post on love. I think love is a brilliant thing, and believe in it very strongly - as long as it's not me that falls into it!!! My heart turned to stone long ago. I'm a RIGHT grumpy b*****d now! ;) xx

  9. has got a Facebook page. Please find me as Matt McKenzie. The profile picture is of me playing guitar at a gig in a black suit. Refine the search to Matlock and you should find me. Mmmmmwah! x

    1. Michelle


      I can't find you :( Join the BCF group, then we can all track you down....! http://www.facebook.com/groups/21521956760/

  10. That is not a great deal of sleep, lady! Get some SnoozyTime in. It's good for you. I hope you're feeling much better soon. Xx

  11. I, too, am going to the doctors next Tuesday. Off 'til then. I'm quite happy (I have to be honest) to stay here at home and read/watch DVD's and snooze, though. There's a lot to be said for snoozing. I haven't done a lot of it up until now...xx

  12. Blimey. I disappear from the face of the world for 4 months and people go and change their names so I don't find them when I get back! ;) x

    How are things with you, Abby?

  13. Morning Sarah. How's your day going so far? xx

  14. Hiya, Andrea. I hope all is well with you. x

  15. Mac

    Hello, Sara. I hope things are well with you. It's been a while, 'cos I've been a bit cacky. What's happening over your side of the pond? x

  16. Hi Michelle. I hope you are well. I'll donate some more cash when I get paid this month. Sorry for letting it lapse. MM

  17. Mac

    *sounds of sneakers running across the tarmac


    *sounds of giggling and retreating sneakers

  18. Hey, Noll. Hope you're very well.

  19. Happy birthday, Frankie! I hope yoyu have a brilliant weekend, my friend. Xxx

  20. Ah, and yuletide doth approach fast. Too fast, some might say. In fact, I am one of those people, for I have been tremendously disorganised this year. Shocking, really.

    How are things with you? All set for the big push?

  21. Hola! Wikki wikki! Nice background image, Maureen! I like it a lot. Hope you're lovely and well. MM xx

  22. Hello there, lovely lady! It's so good to see you back here on the BCF. We have missed you a great deal, as you most assuredly know. How are things with you? I understand you've been through the mill a little recently, and hope that you are remaining strong and true. Glad to see you back. Big, BIG hugs, my friend. MM xx

  23. Hello there, all the way over in Denmark. Hope you're enjoying the BCF!

  24. "Birthday paradox-ox-ox-ox..."