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  1. Mac

    ...And I have just begun The Wind-up Bird Chronicle! It's already magic. I'm looking forward to the new job and the challenges it'll present. A change is as good as a rest, eh!


    Glad you're well. X

  2. Mac

    'Tis sunshine and chocolate up here, also. I realised my hair was receding when it started taking longer to wash my face.


    I shaved all my hair off one drunken evening with my ex-wife (well, she wasn't my ex-wife at the time - in fact, we weren't even engaged!) back in 1997, so now I don't even know if I'm properly bald because I'm intentionally bald...


    At least, that's what I tell people...Have a great day, friend.

  3. (part 2) I have a cat. He's called Frank, he's seven years old and as I type he is at the vet's having what I like to euphemistically call "having his wheels clamped", bless him.


    It's a necessity imposed upon him by the RSPCA when they hand him over to a new home. I think he's been a stray for all these years. Believe me, were it up to me, I'd never do it to the poor little fella.


    I hope you are very, very well and lovely (of this last, I am sure).


    Take care.


    Mac x

  4. *limps back in and bleeds quietly on sofa


    Hmmm...well, you should see the other guys!


    Actually, I try and avoid the thuggish male, I find them somewhat vexatious to the spirit. :lol: xx

  5. *scampering sounds as Mac dashes back in


    Childish, no? xx

  6. Mac

    *sounds of door slamming in excitement, pounding feet, skidding to a halt

    mmmmmmmmMMMMMWAH! Hi Paula!

  7. *sounds of Mac parachuting in and thrashing about under the fabric*

    Gah! How on EARTH is anyone supposed to use these things in a daring rescue?!?

  8. Mac

    *sounds of sneakers running across the tarmac


    *sounds of giggling and retreating sneakers

  9. *thwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwUPP rustle rustle rustle (paper floating around upon Mac's instant materialisation)


    *szjjhhhhhhhhhhuhPOP rustle rustle rustle (paper floating around the room upon Mac's instant departure)

  10. The Crimson Petal and the White is a fantastic book. It has made a massive impact on me - not that it's earth-shattering or anything like that - it was just a very, very well written, absorbing novel. Everyone I recommend it to has loved it. I hope you will too.


    I work in day services for the folks, trying to make things a little happier for them. It's poorly paid, but then, these jobs are vocational, really. I've applied to become a police officer, so we'll see how that goes.


    Alabama, eh? I've never been there. I have been to the States a number of times, mostly with my old band, but Alabama is somewhere I'd like to see first hand. :D

  11. The Crow Road isn't one of his sf/fantasy novels. He writes those under Iain M Banks. However, your purchase of this book will not be a poor one, for it is a truly wonderful book. The father of the protagonist is a character I identify with - he holds similar points of view to me. I loved the novel. I'm sure you will, too. Ask your fella about it. He'll confirm my judgement.


    I hope this finds you very well, my friend. Cheers!

  12. Number 1: Hi Sarah. The bird thing sounds like fun. I've built a bird table and some boxes for my garden and enjoy watching all the activity that these bring (cue some rather base jokes referring to different kinds of tits and the food type known as 'fat balls'). I often wonder if I'm a bit sad, standing at the kitchen window, watching the little chaps do their thing...


    Hang on...it's not letting me post more than so many words...



  13. Number 2: What sort of work would you like to be doing? It must be tremendously demoralising being unable to find work - it can't be doing your self-esteem any good at all. I first entered the world of work when I was 21 having finished being a professional musician. I sort of 'fell' into working in a secure hospital, caring for people who were sectioned under the mental health act and had what's known as a dual diagnosis. This means they had both a learning disability and a psychiatric disorder. It was a little rough, but very interesting at times and a lot of fun.


    Hang on, it's doing it again...:irked:

  14. Number 3: I'll be starting my new job in two weeks, working in a main-stream secondary school in an Inclusion Unit. I'm really looking forward to it. I've wroked with learning disabilities for a long time now, and am ready for a change.


    I haven't read any of Hal Duncan's novels, but I'm definitely going to buy Vellum, as we seem to have very similar tastes.


    I hope you're not so bored, and that you find work very soon.


    Keep your chin up, my lovely friend. Mac X

  15. A three day week! Sounds magic! Happy Thanksgiving, Lady.


    Actually (and this is really poor form for me), I don' quite understand what Thanksgiving is. I see Americans celebrating it in films and such like, but have never asked anyone what one celebrates and where it comes from.


    How incredibly uneducated is that!?! Maybe you could tell me? Sorry for being such an ignoramus.

  16. Aaaaaand here we are. Faffing about on a Saturday evening at nine o'clock, spazzing out because I'm supposed to be at a birthday party, unable to go precisely because of my general spazziness. My friend Katy wants me to go (it's her birthday) and will be upset because I haven't trolled over there, but I can't manage it. Total doughnut, that's me.


    What a to-do. Social anxiety, and I only get it with the people that I love when they're mixing with people I don't know that well. Never get it when I'm in a crowd of strangers. Odd and spazzy, that's my middle name. Or names, I guess.


    How are you, Giu? I'm coming down your way on 25th June. Art around, my friend? Coffee? Cake? Conflab? xx

  17. Ach, I've been having a truly cack time of it, of late. Friends dying, work being pooey (racist colleagues!!!), lots of other bits-and-bobs going on, and the added pressure of knowing that I've got to do something that will hurt several people, but...well, you know the thing. Have I got the guts? Is there the courage within me? We'll have to see.


    I was born three days after you (well, give or take a few years!). Did you have a good time? I worked and hid. In that order. x

  18. Actually, I am about to engage in a cooking whirl. I'm creating a curry from scratch and...wait...hnnnnnnnnnn....POP! Chink, glug glug glug, slurp....aaaaaahhhhhh....


    A nice bottle of Rioja. What are you up to? xx

  19. Mac

    Advanced years?!?!? You're less than a year younger than me! I am wounded! Only last night, my bass player in my band (a 19 year old lass) suggested that I wouldn't be able to remember doing my A-levels. Cheeky cow.


    I wonder when I became 'old'...jeez...I think I'm beginning to slump a bit...hang on...is that a middle-age crisis I see approaching at a frightening speed? I might have to buy a Porche to escape it...:lol:


    Something's definitely going on with my self-esteem, though. I keep thinking "Here I am, 35 years old, still looking after adults with learning disabilities, still earning very little, still single (well - divorced) and still not going anywhere".


    I need a pill.


    Or something.


    Hope you're not as grumpy as me, my old friend. :D

  20. Afternoon (or, I guess, morning!)


    How are you doing? Hope you're okay.


  21. Mac

    Afternoon to you. I hope you're well and enjoying your Sunday, good lady. I've come in from the relentless sun to prat about on my laptop after nearly breaking my back trying to plant a hedge in what felt like solid rock. I'm an idiot man, don't you know.


    So, how are you? Excellent and tickety-boo, I trust. :D

  22. Afternoon, Andy. How, in the name of Odin's beard, are you? I have returned from my fearsome attack on my garden and am now opening a bottle of a cheeky little bottle of Barolo (a reassuringly expensive bottle of Italian wonderment!).


    So. All's well with you, I trust?

  23. Afternoon, Scarlette. How're things going? I'm having a weekend of peace, food, beer and wine (on my own, which sounds a little sad, but occasionally I really need it). I won't get bladdered or anything, just leisurely take my time with all of the above. :lol:


    Usually, I'd be out climbing right now, but my lovely climbing buddy, Katy, is away and I CBA to hook up with anyone else, so here I am having a lazy time of it! Wahey!


    What're your plans? Lots of fun, I hope. Take good care, pal. :friends0:

  24. Afternoon. I think Danny Wallace is one of my heroes. I loved his book Join Me. I thought he was great in Are You Dave Gorman? as well.


    Because of Join Me I still perform random acts of kindness on a Friday (other days as well, if the spirit grabs me!)


    Good on ya, mate. Hope you have a splendid weekend.

  25. Ah, and yuletide doth approach fast. Too fast, some might say. In fact, I am one of those people, for I have been tremendously disorganised this year. Shocking, really.

    How are things with you? All set for the big push?