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  1. In actual fact, the dreaded d-word, finances and a fair bit of personal angst are keeping me quite stressed at the moment :roll: I've had the most wondrous day so far full of spilled drinks and roads crossed for no reason. However, I hope that once d-day aka Monday is over things will start to look up at least a tiny bit. Mind you, once the stupid thing is in I can start worrying about what my markers will make of it...


    On the plus side I've got this wonderful project to look forward to, it's called "writing a novel under pressure", have you heard about it :lol:? Joking aside, the responses I've had so far have been extremely comforting AND helpful, proving that you don't need to knock someone to improve their writing :D.


    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on chapter 1, too - it'll be sent out as soon as everyone gets back to me on the prologue; the promised month's nearly elapsed so i'll start nagging post d-day :D!


    Hope you're fine and dandy :friends0: