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  1. John Steinbeck

    So, I noticed yesterday that there was no thread about Steinbeck or the books I've read from him, so I thought I would make a general one about the author. I've read East Of Eden and The Grapes Of Wrath. I loved East of Eden and liked TGOW too, but I thought that the first one was better. In EOE, he deals with the nature of good and evil in this Salinas Valley saga. The story follows two families: the Hamiltons - based on Steinbeck's own maternal ancestry - and the Trasks, reprising stories about the Biblical Adam and his progeny. TGOW is set in the Great Depression and describes a family of sharecroppers, the Joads, who were driven from their land due to the dust storms of the Dust Bowl. His style of writing is unique. He has a great way of picturing his characters, and most importantly the times they live in. Throughout his books, he dedicates some chapters in describing the changes in society. If anyone has read any of his works, he may want to discuss it here.
  2. The one I read was fantastic! It is very detailed, it covers various bands, gives information on style, bars etc. and features many, many photographs. I think it's an excellent guide to punk!:D


    Btw, mine was published by MOJO.;)

  3. I finished The Catcher In The Rye yesterday and I thought it was brilliant! :)

  4. How are you enjoying To Kill a Mockingbird so far? Personally, I thought it was wonderful.


    The Catcher in the Rye is the next book I'm going to read:)

  5. I don't get your avatar, care to explain?:blush:

  6. But isn't my avvie cool?:lol: I'm fine, thank you, I hope you're well, too!:)

  7. You should definitely read Wuthering Heights! I'm also wondering what do you think of Pride & Prejudice...

  8. I wrote my thoughts about On The Road in the book-related thread, if you'd like to see it. And thanks about the advice on Dorian Gray, I pretty much thought the same thing, that it may get better.

  9. Hello! Thanks for the friend invitation!:)

  10. Hehe, I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh too!

  11. Very well, thanks for adding me!:D

  12. Hehe, I'm obsessed with movies too ;)

  13. You new avatar is very sweet :D

  14. Very well, despite the fact that most members semm to be adults.:lol: Thanks for asking!:smile2: