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  1. The one I read was fantastic! It is very detailed, it covers various bands, gives information on style, bars etc. and features many, many photographs. I think it's an excellent guide to punk!:D


    Btw, mine was published by MOJO.;)

  2. I finished The Catcher In The Rye yesterday and I thought it was brilliant! :)

  3. How are you enjoying To Kill a Mockingbird so far? Personally, I thought it was wonderful.


    The Catcher in the Rye is the next book I'm going to read:)

  4. I don't get your avatar, care to explain?:blush:

  5. But isn't my avvie cool?:lol: I'm fine, thank you, I hope you're well, too!:)

  6. You should definitely read Wuthering Heights! I'm also wondering what do you think of Pride & Prejudice...

  7. I wrote my thoughts about On The Road in the book-related thread, if you'd like to see it. And thanks about the advice on Dorian Gray, I pretty much thought the same thing, that it may get better.

  8. Hello! Thanks for the friend invitation!:)

  9. Hehe, I used to watch Yu-Gi-Oh too!

  10. Very well, thanks for adding me!:D

  11. Hehe, I'm obsessed with movies too ;)

  12. You new avatar is very sweet :D

  13. Very well, despite the fact that most members semm to be adults.:lol: Thanks for asking!:smile2: