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  1. Hilary Mantel’s The Mirror and the Light

    Cromwell was a man we will always argue about. He did so.e cruel things. He did some good things. He loved his family. He was loyal to his king. He was a mixed bag of a human being and lived a full life. Yet, as written in this book even death did not end him. I believe physical death does not end any of us. The next step is waiting, and he went on to take it. I wonder what his God made of Thomas Cromwell?
  2. Things in books that annoy you

    Really annoyed by the ending of Sanditon, blamed on the author Jane Austen! All the rest of her novels end up with reasonable happily ever after endings for the main couples, but not this one. Why the change of formula? (Adding insult to injury, even the television adaption followed on as the same. How often are novels changed when they are made into tv serials or movies?!) Happy All
  3. World Without End - Ken Follett

    Just taking "The Evening and the Morning" back to the Library today Athena. Enough to say I enjoyed this Huge read! I'm sure you will too.
  4. Those who don't like horror...

    Hi All, I suppose really it's down to what we rate as "horrific". Nowadays the market is flooded with all kinds of monsters in dvd's, games, and books - it's almost unscary now! During the lockdown especially I've been escaping reality into fantasy reading - would you believe a lot of YA like Vampire Academy and it's sequel series, and now the Mortal Instruments series of Cassandra Clare?! Actually all good books, enjoyable, so far not too violent etc., but full of vampires, witches, demons, younameits. I'm loving them! Written with a light hand, as if this is part and parcel of daily life of the characters concerned who are regular folks - they're very readable, and not scary at all. Makes you think of how we assess "bad" people too. At heart, such books express the different kind of "bad" normal people can turn into - a vampire, witch or demon, and the degree of "bad" they go to. Some can be redeemed, as happens in the stories. It's not all gloomy. So don't give up completely on the genre. Give some of the "YA" titles a try. Some are amazingly good stories, and out to do more than terrify readers. Meanwhile, I wish everyone a very Happy Christmas, Happy and a Healthy New Year!
  5. I've just started this series having been given the whole set of pre-read books. Even after a few pages I think I'm going to like it! is anyone else out there reading the series? Age is no barrier to "YA" series - I've recently read good things from an 80+year old who enjoyed his "young folks" reading! A good story is a good story so I'm cracking on ... I hope one or two of you will join me. Happy Christmas, Happy , and a Healthy New Year to All!
  6. Charles Dickens

    Lovely books, Hayley. That's useful information too Brian. With the lockdown over we can mooch the bookstores of all kinds fairly safely now, then! Of course books are handled by loads of people who are curious about them, so new or pre read, a little wipe would do no harm even so. The older ones without covers may lose a little dye,but it's a small sacrifice. I love scooping a great bargain like Hayleys books. They look so good on the shelf, too. Happy All
  7. Charles Dickens

    Nice one itsmeagain! That's a proper book! I'm sure your patience will be rewarded, Raven. Try the second hand bookshops. If you feel a bit nervous of using any bought book in current circumstances, dampen a piece of kitchen roll or a tissue in white vinegar, squeeze out well, and rub over the outer cover of the book to disinfect it. Let it dry - the whiff will disappear in a while, and you have a clean book. I usually use water on any pre-owned books I buy, but currently white vinegar is a great cleanser. Happy All
  8. Charles Dickens

    Did you ever find that "real" copy of Pickwick Papers Raven? Sadly copies of the older classics are becoming more difficult to find in paperback or hardback. Somehow it feels wrong to read them on kindle etc., though I expect their authors would be fascinated! Summer is usually my time for some fantasy or folklore type reading but I've been feeling a pull to stretch my brain a little lately (must be all the old repeats I've watched during lockdown!) so now that my local Library is soon to re-open I'll soon be able to mull over a full over the range. Meanwhile, finishing off my dual time Avalon novel ... Happy All!
  9. Maeve Binchy

    Well, how weird, I've searched and can't find anything.?? So I'll ask here. What's your favourite Maeve Binchy novel? Don't tramp!e me in the stampede!! I've read and loved Whitethorn Woods and the Copper Beech, meaning to read further but you know how it is, loadsa books out there. Now it's time to choose from the ranks again. I feel so at peace reading these novels, as if they're part of me. I'm just dithering about which to carry on with! So Help please! ☺ Happy All.
  10. Reading big difficult books

    Reading a subject like philosophy in a foreign language is two challenges at once filosofitar - which is one too many! So either learn the language fluently enough to read 'em as they are, or see if you can find economical copies of the books in English! Either way, your local public library may be able to help for a fraction of the cost. Where do we get the idea you love a challenge?! Have a great rest-of-Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  11. Barbara Erskine

    Anyone else read Sleepers Castle yet? Don't want to give too much away but there's quite a scary villain in this Erskine - really adds to the enjoyment! Gather in your books my friends, as the Starks of Winterfell say "winter is coming!"
  12. Reviving

    Hello hello? I know I'm a little late (What's a few years between between bookpals?☺)but I've been feeling the call of my J.A. books recently. So, if numbers are still gathering, I'd like to read along too.
  13. Things in books that annoy you

    When the author repeatedly uses a certain phrase. Barbara Erskine is a favourite author of mine, but it drives me nuts how her characters will say "I gather"( i.e. I understand) again and again and ...!!
  14. Getting into the Spirit of things!

    Have just bought Conversations with God Book 4. (Neale Donald Walsch) It's been quite a while since I've read any of this series, but glancing through it feels like reconnecting with an old pal again. I've been away too long. Anyone else out there reading spiritual stuff?
  15. Manda Scott

    Oh, come on - surely there are more readers than Chrissy and self to have enjoyed this series? Hard to believe our posts were so long ago. This series has recently surfaced again from my favoured personal library. I've a feeling I'm headed back to ancient Britain soon. Time travelling again.