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  1. lol they look less sinister without the suits...but it's the long noses too

  2. I would actually like to be at work, but my sick note doesn't run out till mid march, and I couldn't cope with the job I had right now, or probably the one I want either.

  3. Hia,


    I'm alright, have the end of a cold which is just refusing to go away. My day's been lazy, I've just been reading and watching TV and online all day.


    How about you?

  4. I tried, red, blue and now green, not sure if it's any better than the original gray though really

  5. oh no! I hate it when things like that happen.

    I could try red, might be a bit bright, I suppose I could try a darker red...

    The other forum I use has this feature too and I've only just finished tweeking mine after several months! Really I need a clearer picture for that one but I like what I have a picture of, just not the quality

  6. Thanks :) I'm not sure about the writing at the top, but I don't know what other colour I could put it in that's more readable but doesn't spoil the look.

    I remember the film being in the cinema (must have been a good few years ago now) and wanting to see it but wanting to read the book first, which took me this long to actually do. Part of the reason why I gave up with waiting until I'd read the book

  7. Lol yes I do, especially when one is a difficult or sad read, I like something easier or more cheerful.

  8. It's ok. I actually like the excuse to put Rachel Ray aside. It's not bad exactly, just not engaging.

  9. Hia,


    I'm alright except for having a bit of a cold. How are you?