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  1. Off to go see Jasper Ffordae soon *jumpity jumpity jumpity*

    1. Maureen
    2. angelofboox


      I'm jealous! I'm reading The Well of Lost Plots at the moment.

    3. shirleyz


      who's a lucky girl?? hope it went well :)

  2. Is biting a new fashion thing or something?

    1. Janet


      Probably a result of all those vampire novels!!

    2. Lucybird


      lol I wouldn't have thought 2 year olds could manage those!

  3. csnnot find her copy of To Kill a Mockingbird anywhere grrrr

  4. While looking for conditioner I have found, 3 bottles of Happy Hippy, 1 bottle of Yummy Yummy Yummy, ! bottle of Olive Branch, and 1 bottle of Karma...how many showers do you think that is?

    1. Lucybird


      nope, they're all shower gels

  5. Clearing out the bookshelves....I hate getting rid of books but surely I'll never read Sophie in the Saddle again?

    1. Lucybird


      does Louis de Berniere go under D or B?

  6. Has finished all the work for her NVQ :D

    1. Chrissy


      I just caught sight of this news! Well Done!

  7. is loving Shooting Stars

  8. is glad to have her birds back

  9. I should really get up but I'm feeling too lazy...

  10. Back from the hen do

  11. Is eating a candy necklace leftover from the hen weekend

  12. Gets to see her boy tomorrow WOOOOOO!

  13. Might go and do some reading now

  14. Back from Newcastle

  15. Just took 45 minutes preparing a 15 minute meal...why does the phone only ring when I'm cooking?

  16. Finally home 2 hours after leaving work

  17. Done clearing out the bookshelves, still no sign of To Kill a Mockingbird :(

  18. The psychologist in me does not like this NVQ question

  19. The cat is trying to steal my seat!

  20. Someone make me get up so I can get to the post office before it closes

  21. look at me I'm a dinosaur

  22. Is laughing at the conversation with the boyfriend (read my blog entry!)