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  1. :lol: it's quite amazing that they can
  2. Hi

    lol yes they do, I hadn't noticed that. How are you?

  3. Hia,


    Haven't heard from you for a while. How are you?

  4. Hia,


    How's your jaw? I haven't noticed you mention it in a while (having said that my online time has gone down since starting my new job so I may have just missed it)

  5. Hia,


    I got the bookmark this morning, it was the same type. Thanks very much :D

  6. Hia,


    I'm alright except for having a bit of a cold. How are you?

  7. Hia,


    I'm alright, have the end of a cold which is just refusing to go away. My day's been lazy, I've just been reading and watching TV and online all day.


    How about you?

  8. I'm really liking it now. I found it started off quite slow but it had picked up by the time I was halfway through and now is getting exciting. I have a few theories too...or maybe anti theories...what would you call it when you think something didn't happen?


    Night night, have a good train journey

  9. It came yesterday. Yay! Thank you!



  10. oh no! I hate it when things like that happen.

    I could try red, might be a bit bright, I suppose I could try a darker red...

    The other forum I use has this feature too and I've only just finished tweeking mine after several months! Really I need a clearer picture for that one but I like what I have a picture of, just not the quality

  11. Thanks :) I'm not sure about the writing at the top, but I don't know what other colour I could put it in that's more readable but doesn't spoil the look.

    I remember the film being in the cinema (must have been a good few years ago now) and wanting to see it but wanting to read the book first, which took me this long to actually do. Part of the reason why I gave up with waiting until I'd read the book

  12. Thanks :)

    You need to load it onto a profile album then when you customise you're profile select it as background image. Hope that helped

  13. That's good. I hope the new one isn't too bad, but even if it is I guess it's good long term.


    I'm not bad, still have the lingerings of my cold which I've jad for like a month now, but hopefully it will be completely gone soon. Have been tired cause of work too but I really like my job so I don't mind.



  14. yeah it was a picture book I read when I was younger, about two monsters that lived on different sides of a mountain. And they had an argument and started throwing boulders at each other, and the boulders knocked off the top of the mountain until they could see each other. Then theyb made up and were friends :)


    Yeah your profile picture remainds me of that :) and you should make an album

  15. ...now that just makes me want to snoop on your page!

  16. aww they're cute, they remind me of the 2 monsters

  17. Back from Newcastle

  18. Back from the hen do

  19. Back to work tomorrow

  20. Can I please just not do this?

  21. Cheers, I really do not know what is going on with it

  22. Clearing out the bookshelves....I hate getting rid of books but surely I'll never read Sophie in the Saddle again?

    1. Lucybird


      does Louis de Berniere go under D or B?

  23. csnnot find her copy of To Kill a Mockingbird anywhere grrrr